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cleaning liquid pad & gvg

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hi everyone,

just about to clean my GVG for the first time - it has been used a couple of times.

how often do you clean youers?
also how? i was about to fill it up with IPA and let it soak up what is still inside.

with the GVG i ordered the liquid pad, how do you clean this one?
i just heated it up a little with my torch lighter careful not to burn it. and thought about throwing it in IPA as well
Glass Sherlock Cleaning
Use solvents such as alcohol or hot soapy water. You can also use a glass pipe cleaner (e.g. Grunge Off, Formula 420, Purple Power etc).
Do NOT use stainless steel brush.
Do NOT boil your glass VaporGenie. It will certainly cause it to crack!
Do not scrub with anything that can scratch the glass. Scratching can cause cracks.
If you use the liquid pad correctly, cleaning is not necessary for a long time. And when they end up dirty, just throw them away and use a new one. They are cheap.

Using the GVG for one and a half year now I only replaced the liquid pad once. Don't think I have to order those liquid pads ever again as I have a handful of them in stock :) .
How do you use it really ? I have a big issue with the liquid pad it doesn"t seem to vaporise all the stuff. I can't take one big toke.

assuming I load 30mg, I take many toke and then stop.

When I take my cold GVG before loading spice, I heat it but more violently because no spice in it i don't fear burning thing. But I inhale and exhale fast, and there is a lot of smoke !

My problem is, the liquid pad should be empty and produce no smoke so why that ? Does anyone have a tips to avoid that ?

Thank you very much
Some 91% Isopropyl alcohol warmed in a double boiler with no open flame will remove residual dmt wel enough. Save it and toss in to the next extraction or when you collect a bit make changa or clean it up with a re-x.
I am using methanol with great success. Friend uses IPA and sodium carbonate or baking soda solution.

I need to clean the ceramic filter from soot (few people used it incorrectly and it partially clogged). I've read a propane flame can be used, but I don't have a propane torch. Could a gas stove be used (it's a mix of propane and butane - it's blue flame so I guess it won't harm of further soot the filter).
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