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Clear naphtha, very low yield, advise?

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Last month I tried tried extracting some old (2-3 years) MHRB I had laying around. Used cybs salt tek with naphtha. Naptha stayed very clear. Yield was very low around 200mg per 100g bark. Perfectly white xtals instead of yellowish. Figured the bark must have oxidated due to age and the naphtha wasn't able to pull dmt-oxide etc.

I'm currently in the process of doing another extraction with newly bought bark. On my second pull now. Unfortunately, again the naphtha seems very clear. No yellow coloring or clouding as it did in the past. I'm afraid the extraction might fail again. Kinda got a trauma. Does anyone else have clear naphtha pulls which do contain dmt?


- Added 75 g shredded (coffee grinder consistency) MHRB in a 750 ml bottle
- Added 50 ml 5% white vinegar in 200 ml water to the bottle
- Added 50 ml extra water (more buffer to dissolve actives)
- Placed bottle in heat bath for 3 hours @ 70 deg C
- Added 50 g Lye in 200 ml water to the bottle
- Measured >12 pH
- Let the solution sit for an hour, it cooled down to around 40 C
- Added 40 g table salt directly into the bottle
- Let the solution sit for another hour
- Topped bottle up with 100 ml 40 deg C water
- Added 50 ml naphtha, 4x rotating and settle, 45 min total
- Separated naphtha into a jar. Naphtha was very clear!
- Added new naphtha. Heated bottle to 40 C. Repeated process.


Bad bark?
I bought the bark from the same supplier.

pH not low enough during acidic stage?
I didn't measure pH of the acid stage. Figured what if the 100 ml extra water raised pH too much? What if I added a bit too little vinegar? Did a test: Added 60 ml vinegar in 200 ml water. Measured around 3.0 pH. Added 40 ml vinegar to 300 ml water. Measured around 3.1 - 3.2 pH. That's below 4 pH, so should be fine.

Table salt no good?
Table salt containing anti-caking agents, no iodine.

Naphtha no good?
Coleman Fuel. Seems like a new bottle, its black. Hope the content didn't change from couple a years ago when I used it last. It contains: Naphtha (Petroleum), hydrotreated, light; n-Pentane; Heptane.

Any thoughts?
Maybe try letting the bark sit (and shake) in the acid for a few days, same when you base, add naptha and let it sit (and shake).
Of course it takes longer but worth a shot. Last yield was +1.7%, did a week for both phases with occasional warm water baths.
You can always try to freeze thaw a few time at the acid stage to break the cell walls more.

Ussualy do 55ml white 5% into 500ml distilled water with bark

80g salt

60g-65g lye 400-500ml distilled water
Add more water to container make sure theres enough room for 60ml naphtha for 50ml pulls

Mini ab

Thats just the minor differences, only have used acrb though.

Im not too sure about the colemans, only delt with v&p naptha.
Best of luck :)

The naptha looks like it came out of the can? Or is it atleast yellowish? The milky white pulls are (i think) from just temperature changes.
Naphtha looked like it came out of the can on my previous try with old bark. Last pulls of this try with new bark went a bit more yellowish so there is hope. I'll see what the yield is tomorrow evening. If low I will extend as you mentioned. PS How much bark are you using for those numbers?
100g acrb, my yields have varied but this last one was fantastic. I put all pulls from mini ab to one dish. Cooled it down very slowly to get large crystals. Many turned out about the size of my thumbnail.

From the same bark its been from 1.5% to +1.7%. I pulled from my clean up jar a good amount but didnt weigh it, and again from the soup an unexpected large amount but still have to clean up.

Initially i did 5 pulls from soup, 5 pulls from mini ab.

I cant think of anything that made it so diffrent aside from, let sit in acid for 7 days soup for about 5. With only warm water baths, when i could.

Nice work sen!


The extract mentioned in OP with 50 ml 5% white vinegar in 250 ml water to the bottle went fine. Good yield. DMT off-yellowish.

After this I tried an AB experiment:
A: Acid phase: 50 ml 5% white vinegar in 200 ml water to the bottle, 3.0 pH
B: Acid phase: 60 ml 5% white vinegar in 300 ml water to the bottle, 3.7 pH

A: Naphtha rather clear the first pull, turned more yellow in pulls that followed. DMT yield was yellowish.
B: Naphtha very clear on all pulls. DMT yield = very white crystals!

The less water during the acid stage, the lower the pH, the more plant oils get extracted, the more yellow the dmt is. For white crystals, aim for pH 4. Note: I didn't weight the difference. Dissolved everything together in acetone for a DMT-Fumerate FASA conversion.

My preferred ratio and tek is based on cybs and and fasa wash:

- Add 75 g shredded (coffee grinder consistency) MHRB in a 750 ml bottle
- Add 60 ml 5% white vinegar in 300 ml water to the bottle (<4.0 pH)
- Place bottle in heat bath for 3 hours @ 70 deg C
- Add 50 g Lye in 200 ml water to the bottle (>12 pH)
- Add 50 g table salt directly into the bottle, shake
- Let the solution sit for 1-2 hours and cool down to around 40 C
- Top the bottle up with some water to work the pulls
- Add 50 ml naphtha
- carefully rotate bottle for 30 sec, lay bottle horizontally for 10 min, repeat 4x
- last 10 min keep the bottle upright in 40 deg C warm water bath
- Separated naphtha into a jar, do 4-5 pulls in total
- Place in fridge for +1 hour, then freezer for +18 hours
- Pour naphtha away for reuse, place jar back in freezer on it head for 5 min
- Take out jar, dry outside for +2 hours
- Add acetone to jar, dissolve all DMT in acetone, filter acetone clean
- Perform FASA tek to get Fumerate for pharma and storage
- perform FB conversion for smoking
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