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Closed eye colours

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I have been thinking about the colours that I see while using things like mushrooms and lsd.
(Im not really including dmt because of its brief and overwhelming nature)
I have been to some amazing places and when in these realms the presence of thought (ime) can drastically change the flow and the colour. I find if I am able to let go of cognitive thought the journey is more beautiful so much so that I cannot continue flow... ego says"wow did you see that? Wasn't it amazing?" Often the colour that I associate with these times of immense beauty are similar to an electric blue and violet..
These colours i don't see very often only though pure flow....or high doses. Each time I visit these realms i feel very privileged and it is almost like the experience has been engraved on my psyche. Sort of like a marker..never forgotten
I have formed a loose belief that the colour may be related to chakras.
The colours blue and violet are those of the top chakras.
This makes sense to me as that state or plane feels like you have touched on something trancendal.
I am not able to stay long in this place. Its like as soon as you question... it dissipates

I would enjoy any input,thoughts ideas experiences or if anything. Have you been engulfed by violet energy ? Share if you dare
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