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CO2 Extract to e-juice vape

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In this theoretical scenario:
I have an amount of pure CO2 extracted THC oil. This is solvent free and UNWINTERIZED. It has roughly the consistency of melted honey butter. Opaque and pungent as ever.
I would like to winterize this extract, and mix it with a flavored e-juice (70/30 vg/pg, no nicotine) so that it can be vaporized from a small 510 thread vape pen.
I will explain what I think I know about the process, and hopefully you all can set me straight to do this correctly.

1) Dissolve the CO2 extract completely in warm isopropyl alcohol.
-Using a warm water (double boiler) bath on the stove with a thermometer to stay around 120-140*F
-If anyone can confirm a minimal ratio that would help. I've seen 10ml iso to 1g extract.

(Allow tincture to come to room temp before freezing)

2) Freeze precipitate, covered.
-Using an ordinary freezer, I think 48 hours was the sweet spot.

3) Filter the tincture using Buchner funnel and vacuum.
-I have no fancy vacuum system, but I bet a mattress pump hosed to a filter flask would work fine.

4) Evaporate Iso solvent.
-If I were just doing another hot water bath, maybe with a fan blowing on it, how long might this take with about 10g of extract?

5) Add flavored e-juice.
-Either before evap, during, or after??
-Does this just bond with the THC oil? Any special steps required to mix this in?

Now that last step is where I need your help Nexus. If I were going to mix in vg/pg oil, would I do it BEFORE evaporating iso solvent - as to mix it fully with THC then evap all together? Or would I evap the winterized tincture first, and THEN mix in e-juice oil? I have a feeling that it doesn't really matter in the end, although adding before the evap may just be easier.

Ultimately, I want to end up with a translucent, thin honey consistency so that it's easy enough to load into these tiny 510 cartridges. If I can get some direction here, I will happily post pictures as I theoretically proceed :)

Thanks for help!
You could do that .... but....

My advice is not to do any of these steps Squire.
Avoid ISO - the best winterized products I've seen are all ethanol-based FWIW (leaves no taste after purges).

The preloaded pens you can buy now in the U.S market are a PEG ( polyethylene glycol 200/300/400) mix instead of the
PG / VG due to superior suspension of oils / waxes for use in vape pens. So you can avoid a lot of hassle for yourself clogging up your e-pens and having to use a TEK.... my way is:

Look up "Wax Liquidizer" on the web, it seems a simple / good / cheap idea from a number of companies worldwide.
It is just a mix of PEG's , and if you require, additional flavours.#

If I recall the instructions; you mix your wax / oil into it and microwave for 10 secs and voila ready to load into your tools of mass destruction :)

That sounds easier to me if your objective is not to refine product further, but rather just to get it into your vape pen if it is already good ? :D
Thanks for the advice BeatHermit,

I'm afraid I do not have access to ethanol or ethyl alcohol. I do have ISO, and I was under the impression that, so long as 100% of your solvent is evaporated, it doesn't matter what the solvent is - for my purposes anyways.

The reason I chose the 70/30 vg/pg oil is because I don't like the idea of inhaling petroleum based vapor. I would rather it be mostly vegetable based, and I actually prefer the more viscous liquid.

I would be intentionally refining the extract, even if it means losing terpenes.

The main reason I posted this is to understand how to properly mix in the veg glycerin to the winterized extract. My question still remains:

Do I mix vg/pg into the filtered tincture, and then evap solvent?
Do I evap solvent, then add vg/pg oil to winterized extract?

And if it's not too much trouble, why? Does the oil bond with the extract simply by stirring it in?

Thank you
Ethanol is just vodka or as high a proof of pure grain alcohol you can get. You should be able to find this just about anywhere. One thing you might want to consider is a 510 threaded attachment for thick oils and waxes (shatter, erb, honey oil, wax, bho, etc) this will allow you to keep the extract you have at the consistency it already is and you do not have to mix it with anything to thin it out in order to vape it. You can always mix in a little flavoring if you want, to make it taste different or perhaps disguise the smell a bit. Gentlemans vapes makes some good attachments for waxes and thick oils and vaped makes some good ones as well. Good luck.
Appreciate the comments guys.

Here is a link to more info and a process for de-waxing, and winterizing extracts I found, it is good info :

The steps you've suggested will not necessarily yield a honey oil from your butter however much you try and are prepared to lose.

I have tried projects with VG in the past , all of these experiments produced substandard results.

If you try to use VG , you will only be able to melt your extract into it, either by warming up the VG, or melting your product into it. ( Or both) When said VG cools again the extract will fall out of the solution / re-solidify, and this is what gums up your smoking apparatus, and fails. It won't magically bond together.

If your extract is already high potency and produced well, the best way is to follow my previous advice, and maximise what you have.

The products I've suggested will deal with winterization and will stabilise your extract in a liquid form - job done.
After this point I expect you could add your own VG / PG / Flavours, and I expect that would mix well too. PG & PEG have similar safety profiles for vaping.

As I have said, please avoid ISO, unless you have access to a vacuum oven - it is a bad idea.

____Or ....

Why not spend the 20 beans on the product - do half your way , do half the other way and see what you prefer :)

( I am not affilitated with a company, or a scientist but I am a POTHEAD)
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