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Coca Leaf

Migrated topic.


A friend who lives in the Andes has got some dried Coca leafs... he wants to make a tea or chew some...

But how much should he use?

*Note*- The use of Coca leafs is legal in many South American nations, my friend is not breaking the law by ingesting Coca.
i use as much as i can fit in my hand when i reach in the bag

then i rub it between my hands and crumple/powder the leaves into a few cups of boiling water
boil it simmer
get it to about 8 oz
add some honey

drink up butter cup
im soo on my way everytime
I've really enjoyed chewed coca quids...

You just break up the leaf, removing the inner stem (vein)

Then you place the leafs in a mortar and pestal and add water and edible lime and mix.

Then place in the mouth like tobacco, but you can swallow the juice.
kinda strange method but has worked for a friend:
take a 20 oz dr. pepper drink alitte and add a few cap fulls of powdered leaf.
close top and shake vigorously.
wait til pressure subsides.
filter if desired ;).
I was thinking of putting 3 grams of powdered leafs in a Coca-Cola soda... shaking it and then sticking it in the fridge over night and drink it in the morning...

I'll let ya know how it works.

Whenever I do Coca... I always end up running around and cleaning my house! :) It's good stuff!
If you enjoy taking it as a quid (and this is truly the best way to experience coca) a pinch of baking soda is enough to basify it. 1-2 grams mixed with maybe a 1/16 teaspoon of baking soda and held in the dipping position (make sure to mix up the quid every now and then) for 30 mins or so.
I've been used "Edible lime"... does that work too?

What's a natural alternative for a base?
Jorkest said:
edible lime is fine..its calcium hydroxide

Is edible lime different than pickling lime? I guess I've heard that Hispanic food stores have edible lime, but is there a difference? If so, what is in edible lime apart from water and CaOH?

SWIM loves chewing coca, he mixes a little baking soda into it, hydrates the mixture, and loads it into a chew can (jerky chew). SWIM used to dip it between the lip and gum, but that's far too rough on the gums. Now he mostly does it under the tongue.
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