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Coconut Super Oatmeal - Recipe

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~~~~~~~Coconut Super Oatmeal~~~~~~~


2/3rds - 1 cup of Dry Oats
2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil

Optional Additives + Toppings:

1 Cup of The Lion Powermilk


Shredded Almonds
Goji Berries
Shredded Coconut


Cook the oats with water as per the directions. As soon as it is finished, before it burns and sticks to the pot, transfer to your bowl. Add the coconut oil while the oats are hot and mix in well.

Mix in The Lion Powermilk or, alternatively, add the flavors + toppings!


This is a GREAT recipe for time-released calories that keep you from getting hungry too quickly afterward.

Also, mixing in about 1 cup of The Lion Powermilk to the Coconut Super Oatmeal is a DELICIOUS way to make the oats more palatable while adding more protein, the neuron growth and memory + cognition effects of lions mane mushroom, and a GREAT morning kick of caffeine\theobromine from the raw chocolate! The sweetness + flavoring of the Powermilk is enough to make the Coconut Oatmeal quite an extravagant meal!

Oats are already a slow-release carbohydrate. All your food empties through the Pyloric Sphincter of your stomach, into your small intestine. As soon as small fat\oil particles and free fatty acids pass through and hit the Small Intestine, it triggers the release of a hormone called CCK that in return triggers the Pyloric Sphincter to clamp down and radically slow down the stomach emptying process.

Also, fats lead to feelings of satiety and coconut oil keeps you feeling full for a while after eating it. Combining the two really leads to a filling but not over-filling breakfast that will last you until your next meal!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Delicious and nutritious!

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