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Codex Hyperspacialis


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The purpose of this thread is to create short, self-contained descriptions and illustrations of individual objects, entities, patterns, structures, spaces, etc seen in hyperspace. If you have a strong verbal description of something you may be able to work with other members to illustrate it. Although this thread is in part related to the larger project of illustrating the Lexicon, its specific purpose is for creating these compelling self-contained descriptions in a way that can be used in the Nexian, either in the zine or at the site. Below are 2 examples.
Exchange Arms

Here's an image inspired by a spice journey where I was hit a bit harder than expected and did a bit of fighting... what you see in the image here is a space I ended up in where the opposing walls were the opposing sides of how I felt- the side that wanted to go deep vs the side that didn't want its comfort zone to experience death. The bridges between them were attempting to reconcile the strongly opposing energies of the two sides, pumping away furiously at such a speed that my brain could only render the thing in monochrome. This is a vastly simplified but fairly accurate depiction of that not-so-comfortable space.


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Tile Patterns

Repeating geometric tiling is something that many psychonauts describe. I've seen these patterns on LSD and shrooms, often superimposed over furniture and such, and DMT, where the tiling is sharp, clear, bright and geometrically loaded with information. The patterns shift, usually at intervals of a second or so: Shift... Shift... Shift...

The tiling shown in the painting here was inspired by a DMT journey where the tile patterns formed from nothing, starting as small points of colored light which grew and overlapped into intricate geometric forms that morphed and changed as they iterated across the walls of the large geometric space that I was surrounded by. The patterning itself appeared to be a visual depiction of my actual mental state, a palace of self.


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Wow... I love the pink one. Both are great, but the color and prism effect of the pink one is very very hyperspace like. Great work and thanks for sharing with us!
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