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Cold water exract how long?

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I have always done week long cold water extracts with acacia or mimosa, with rue. I am wondering, can it be taken faster? Does anyone have any experience with this?

-edit- my gosh I am a dolt, who knows nothing of chemistry. AT ALL. Unlike so many people on this site. Please, do not think me too stupid… though I am.

Warm brew. Cold water extract is meant to lessen acidity, when used with coffee. Warm brew is a “quicker” cold brew among coffee enthusiasts. That is to say, it extracts more efficiently than keeping it in a fridge. Oh dear I am a dolt. All these years, putting it in the fridge…. It extracts faster when just sitting on the table. I for some stupid reason was like, “Hm, people do cold brews with ayahausca, I guess cold squeezes it out somehow?” - never having been a cold brew coffee person or having bothered to check that COLD is used to LESSEN ACIDITY IN COFFEE, and coffee nerds use WARM BREW TO EXTRACT FASTER. A dolt; a dolt; a dolt am I.
MuteUSO said:
For cold water rue soaks, I usually put the seeds in water for 12-16 hours. I had good results with this.

Have you made it by simmering in several waters too? How would you say the differences are? Taste and effects. Thanks!
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