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Collection of Breakthroughs

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Rising Star
*These are my breakthroughs so far along with the songs that carried me through them. In my Introduction Essay these are included along with my theories on the 3 Layers of conciousness I have experienced so far and the "sub"Breakthough layer experiences.

*Attached is a picture of "Willow" from "11th.".

1st: "Oneofone_rwrk"- eli filosov [philo]
Open to an ocean planet ripe on a oceanside sunset. On a Terrance overlooking the great eatery expanse is a woman wearing a translucent sundress. Her hair the color of ember and her figure sleek and sharp. Her husband is somewhere off on the estate but she has noticed your arrival. She trusts to explain her message but sees you are still in awe of just being in your present location. Obviously she is a person of importance of this world. She proceeds to show a display involving piano wire the stretching of space an refraction of light. String theory? The purpose of this remains unclear. Clearly frustrated she leaves you with these vibrant displays. Her world was covered in water but her home stood above the waves and seemed Greek in structure.

2nd. "Waiting for You"- Versache
Open to a doorway. The atmosphere warm and friendly. Like a Thanksgiving the doorway is an exciting place where people are welcomed in. The door resides at the beginning of a narrow hallway that leads to a flight of stairs, and two archways. The home could exist in San Fransisco. A lamp sits on stand to the left and the floors are wooden a maroon rug is here. The door is opened and you a husband and lovingly greeted by your wife. The overwhelming warmth and energy leaves you breathless. Then moved into the space between the door and lamp you realize that the feeling of the couple resides in the home itself and is remembered by it.

3rd. "Radio-Demo Taped Remix"-Sylvan Esso
A market pace vibrant with color and bustling with all forms of beings. Almost like the futuristic Japan seen in "Cloud Atlas" or cities in "AI" and "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets". Here they trade in tears, liquid gems of a special variety. She, you, crys on the street curb. Your friend tells you not to waste you valuables.

4th. "Station"-Lapsley
A party in an attic? Ripped apart? Red, green, and white are colors on the womans dress. Not much makes sense here other than its once again a futuristic city full of all kinds of beings and you've just stumbled in and slipped out.

5th. "Age of shadows/ We are Forever"-Ayreon
They seemed to agree with my song choice, "Age of shadows/ We are Forever " by Ayreon. They're world wasn't much unlike the one he describes, perfect uniform but at a loss of originality. The cliche feeling of things being "too" perfect was palpable in the suburban pastel paradise. Under all the color it was more similar to the "Its" neighborhood in "A Wrinkle in Time". The only natural thing about this world was its sunset a beautiful mix of blood orange and a passionate purple. They chose to let me hear one lyric above the rest while I gazed at the horizon:

"Time, but a passageway
The beginning of the end
An end that never was
Time, but a curve in space"

It was almost as to say that Arjen Lucassen had painted a perfect picture of them that they the Planet Y he wrote of. The sun disappeared over the horizon and me with it...

6th. "Sip it Slow"-EMI
A busy street in a stone cobbled city. Buildings hug the sky above which is the is the most vibrant unimposing blue. The shops here are high end and the salespersons within don't forget to remind you.
Windowshopping the gallery displays of rare objects was eye opening. Artifacts from regions far and wide.

Two salespeople a woman and man start to explain one of the artifacts. I look into the glass enclosure at a dancer with no form other than four limbs of luminescent and ever shifting color. It twist and turns to music in the dimly lit shop. The woman explains that it was captured far off and that's it's worth so immense no ordinary person could afford it.

They aren't rude about the fact their wares are far beyond my affordability, but rather look at me the way adults look at child with a modest allowance looks longingly at a bike they're saving up for. They send me on my way past through the door...

7th. "Every other Freckle"- AltJ
The world was full of a greed for next fad object that even they themselves will not discard but rather their "help". A new chair, a new look, a new home that's all they want. I take a step back distraught and nauseated.

The two of them rush over to my side and again the woman does the speaking as her other half stands guard. She understands my disgust at the display I had just seen and although it is a sad occurance she conveys that this greed has infected many minds across a vast space. She let's me know I'll be okay and we can rest in the garden for a bit. They explain it's not that bad that there is more in life just some don't seek it. I tell them I want to return home. They give me a quick embrace and bid goodbye.

With a snap of their fingers the four glass walls of the world are dropped like a set. The workers remove and clean the fragmented mess and equipment. I casually withdraw from the lot, out the chain link fence into a familiar landscape. I walk over past Bubblegum Alley in SLO to a bar to have a drink with a friend. As I start to leave he jumps on the ledge so he talk to me through the whole jump back and as I wake up one thought seems oddly imposing and repetitive, "I 'had' a girlfriend".

Unsure what it means. I had a companion there? If so was it in that place thick with envy, or here on earth? If on earth does 'had' imply I was in SLO in a future where the inevitable has come to pass, or was I occupying a soul who was with someone. It seemed almost just as plausible that it may have been the last thought of the person occupying my mind as I was gone. Was 'had' a sad cry if remission, or an exciting acknowledgment?

8th. "Maniac"- Jhene Aiko
I drank before hand but was I really that drunk?
I can't remember what she did but I came back once. On the ceiling she stared,
and then I returned to her still impaired.
I returned just to forget again and was lost
Came to reality scared of what she cost...

9th "Afterglow"-Flores/"Faking Bright"-Saski
Quiet a rush. Through all the hallways of women dancers and servers. They were all so beautiful beckoning me to come sit a while with them. I continued through the doors and they waved me on with positive energy.

The pull through space halted to an end in Madusa's court. My bungie down leaves me eyes locked with one of her serpents. Eyes of a human an ebony black with flashes of emerald and sapphire. Two words escape my aura, arguably an amateur choice for my first words in this world. "So...cool.". She smirks.

Her world is somewhat dark laden black with slithers of blue green and the whites of eyes. The interior resembles a gothic castle and though it's not hard I have to maintain a calm. It only becomes difficult in the void between songs. I swivel round and head home...

10th. "Alaska"-Saski
Jumped to what was a whimsicle factory full of workers. They tripped ok very themselves looking back they seemed jesterlike but it was almost forced humor. They were pretty strange beings towards the end they merged in a chrome snowball like fashion, rolling about and growing larger till they filled the room. Bored I left... and then jumped back.

I asked her to show me something interesting to physically feel something. I was taken to a cave full of ice. The surface fog cleared and i could see beings trapped with in suspended in their frozen wall. Not sure if they were trapped or chose their current state.

One of them reached through "The Wall" and with her icy fingertips dragged her nails on my chest. A light scraping pain that was familiar and welcome. Satisfied with this new information about other world beings I left again...

11th. "North American Ride"- Mallory Merk/ "Not Above Love"-AlunaGeorge
Can't seem to remember what happened I saw an all to familiar presence to the left of me. I think I'll call her Willow.

She has short wavy hair and i can't tell whether she hangs her head out of fatigue or is in a solemn mood. She's a petite silhouette of a woman and just stands there before the pull into hyperspace becomes to great.

Possibly the same figure who had scolded me earlier for "not needing to have taken that" and "should not be messing with this". She now just stands there while on the right as per usual the ego beggs.

I'm left with the taste of chrome and sense maybe the jesters appeared. The word "factory" is strong in my mind. The breakthrough seems second to the increased interest in Willow.

Most was lost due to two flirts distracting me.
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