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Communication experiment/tests with 'entities' [forthe wiki?]

I read somewhere recently that "schizofrenia is the price that humans pay for having language".

Made me think for a bit.

This is what fascinates me the most about it all... Aren't the fact that there are so many overlaps in experiences--so much that one could even, say, construct something like a map of circuits of consciousness with different paths, or something--that so many people do see the same things, Jesus, jesters, and aliens, that something empirically fascinating HAS to be going on, whether brain- or hyperdimensionally-generated? Wouldn't it be bad science to say otherwise?

The question, to me, seems not to be IF, but HOW. Let's find more empirically feasible ways to communicate...

Again, too, on the subject of brain circuits (I heart these models!), not all of them are rational. If entities are somehow emprically accessible manifestations of non-rational but equally valid and functioning circuits, tests based on rational thought processes are going to mean squat. I'm a huge fan of The Cosmic Serpent and tryptamines tuning us into our own biology... and, yes, possibly far more. But honestly, if you see a mantis and it somehow represents your liver, how much do you think it's interested in prime numbers? Great that we've made contact, but I think we need to expand ideas about the nature of the communication.

I do totally think communication is possible, and I'm not shooting anyone down. :)

Archetypes are deeply intriguing me right now... I want to know more. I feel like there is a map, and some entities are guardians, or processes, that exist within everyone's mind... and... hum... goes so deep...

Maybe I've been listening to too much "Where I end and you begin"... 8)
I'd like to point out that this kind of information IS being brought back from hyperspace all the time. See my most recent post in 'general DMT' about the result of equasion '+**aabb' - that weird net type thing that so many of our members report encountering with a woman inside.
rawmo said:
Hey all,

Was watching snippets on the spirit molecule movie site.

One of the interviewees [Marko Rodriguez] mentioned potential systems for communicating with potential 'entities' to 'prove' their existence.

This involved obtaining proofs of novel information [i.e. that the person undergoing the DMT experience] wouldn't have been able to carry out or produce themselves from the communication with the beings/entities. [for example prime factors of large numbers].
i.e. run some tests to prove that the internal cognition of the individual on DMT could not have generated this information.

So -
Who is up for designing or collating a series of tests that could be used for determining communication with other intelligences to take into DMT space and see what the results were.

if there were e.g. 10 standard easy to carry out tests that covered a variety of factors
e.g. math [prime factors that Marko recommended] and some other cognitive psychology type tests
that could be run by members of the nexus and submitted and then assessed we might get some empirical information as to whether these systems will provide useful information regarding the experiences in DMT space of these beings.

How to carry out these tests [methodology] could be placed as a section in the wiki to ensure that it is as standardized as possible for users.

any ideas appreciated

The DMT aliens are real. What proofs do the scientists need?
Very interesting discussion!
May I jump in?

Consider the possibility that the human brain is an organic machine that sits ready to process information from many sources, more sources than we could possibly conceive (the term "infinite" comes to mind..)

Maybe there was stuff programmed into our DNA and chemical make up by aliens as D.McK suggests, or maybe it's our own science from some other time loop, or just a coincidence. Maybe the entities are produced by some function of the brain as translator-affected-by-spice, or perhaps a hidden faculty of the brain is being activated (like a translation device)to make communication with other dimensions possible.

There's a lot to our brains we aren't using and can't ordinarily access. Maybe schizophrenia happens when someone accidently accesses brain functions they aren't ready to use and wires get fried. Maybe those wires, when accessed properly, produce or facilitate an entirely different response. Maybe in ancient times there was a body of knowledge on how to use the fully-functional brain that got lost during a plague or when the library at Alexandria got torched. Maybe our brains are ready and waiting for us to flip the switch so they can work up to their full potential.

Maybe DMT has flipped the switch and Nexus is re-writing the instruction manual.

But, at the end of things, until some kind of brain-wave recorder is developed that can translate what is experienced into visualizations or other sorts of data that can be analyzed by an un-biased outside source, skeptics will continue to reject experience as proof.

The real-ness, meanwile, will have to be taken on faith.

People may find this cliche, they may even find this frightening... but spiritualist methods for interacting with entities might be observed. Mediumship, channeling, trance possession, automatic hand writing is even a good place to start, clairvoyance techniques, actually allowing an entity into your body to move it, use your mind to formulate thoughts, and to even use your mouth and voice to say words, is real phenomena... Once you learn how to do these things the nature of the entire psychedelic experience changes dramaticly.
Dorge, I'm intrigued. Somehow I haven't been connecting entities that exist in the nearer "psychic" dimensions (lower astrals and such) as being the same folks encountered with ethnogens. Same goes for channeled entities. For some reason, I've been putting them in different boxes, thinking the drugs took the mind to some entirely different place. But now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder why I was doing that. I wish we were far enough along in our search for the truth to be able to identify who's out there, whose in here, and where did they all come from. Can't tell the players without a program. Somehow I'd feel a little more sane if I had a program.

The trick, I think, to safely trying ouiji boards and automatic writing is to remain extremely clear, so the entities involved can use you, then leave and not get stuck. It's tricky, but some folks can do it. However, I have watched channelers wear out from the process of being invaded. For instance, if a male energy enters a female body, his way of being will not be easy for the woman to personify. I had the honor of working with a young housewife and mother, married to a police officer, who suddenly started to channel a male entity. After a year or so, the male entity started attracting female followers while he was in control of her body. Not only was it difficult for the young mother to give up her control of her body, it was difficult to experience the attentions of those drawn to the male entity controling her. In addition, her husband was unable to deal with having another man share his wife, so in the end, her life fell apart. I cannot imagine it being comfortable for anyone to make the full body switch. I think it would be really strange to do it under the influence.

Just my thoughts, though. For what they're worth.
This thread has been quiet for a while, but to take it in a different direction...

Any of the old timers here know about the origin of and reasons for the word 'entity' to describe the apparenty sentient beings we encounter on dmt? I'm curious about how the community settled on this word.
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