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compression/ time dialtion


Rising Star
a common experience SWIm has when laying back after launching is the phenomenon of being squished flat and being perfectly "compressed" (maybe a better word is needed here).

After SWIM feels as if he has become one with his surroundings and the universe leading to the extra dimensional understanding of time. SWIM is able to perceive all space and time as just a sort of optical illusion that is made clear once you untether yourself from the the things in your reality that are holding you back, such as emotional attachments to the ego and even embarrassment of going crazy, or atleast appearing to go crazy infront of others, which is why SWIM finds it easier to "compress" when alone maybe.

when time ceases to be a limitation, we are able to see that there is no such thing as good or bad, just what is. in doing this we also find the interconnectedness in everything and realize that all there is to do is love one another and everything

let me know if im rambling, i find it hard to realize if my abstract understandings are being expressed and understood with the same abstract understanding.
there have been some studies re time dilation for the observer done in neuro-psych.
a basic idea is that it may be related to the 're-wiring' of the brain when in certain experiences in much the same way that dream states also often have a different temporal perception / time dilation etc.

have a look for papers on the 'web of knowledge' www.isiknowledge.com/ it has most of the current research literature available.
you may only get access to abstracts if you aren't a uni student,
but often that may also give references to books (which can be read on books.google.com or on amazon in many cases).

try that as a starter for ten.

of course there may also be the case that when entering into 'pure consciousness' mode time doesn't work the same way so the above phenomenological experiments are irrelevant.
equally look at Itzhak Bars concept of 2-T physics which might be interesting to you or lead you in some interesting directions.

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