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condensation in my container

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Hey all,

Back again after a long time and had a few questions.

- Used ACRB
- Cybs salt tek
- Pure naphtha

I just did another extraction and when I took the pyrex dish out of the freezer I did not let the naphtha sit and reach room temperature before I opened the lid. What I believe happened was because I live in a very warm humid climate is that upon opening I got some condensation on the inside of the dish and water got into the final product.

Currently I am reducing the naphtha a bit because I think I used a tad too much but I had a few questions regarding all of this:
- is this a big problem?
- should I pour the naphtha back into the base mixture (I still have a bit) and do the pull again to get rid of the water?
- should I let the naphtha reach room temperature to begin with before opening the lid?
- Should I just let all the naphtha evap?
- what are the upsides and downsides of freeze precip vs evap besides reusing the naphtha?

Looking forward to some expertise :)
So as of yesterday I let some of the naphtha evap and tried another freeze precipitation. There was so much water that condensated that there was actually some ice in the naphtha.

Since that was the case I readded it to the base solution and repulled.
A few minutes in the glass dish and I could already see some crystals forming so hopefully I have solved the issue.

It is currently in the freezer. Tomorrow when I take it out I will let it sit at room temperature before removing the cover.

Any insight would still be nice :)
I am back home, there were crystals when I took it out of the freezer, I poured off the naphtha immediately after removing it from the fridge, quickly as not to get any condensation and covered it back up immediately.

After that I put it in the fridge to gradually increase the temp and then let it sit at room temp. The crystals have melted and are now looking like sweat blobs...

I'm kind of stumped.

EDIT: There is definitely a distinct smell of DMT but at this point (it was in front of the fan) there no sweat blobs to be seen either.

EDIT 2: I did sort of a re-x, I poured some vinegar into the dish where it was freeze preciping then swished it around for a while. After that I mixed it into water and basified the water and did another naptha pull. If it doesn't worked this time I have no clue what else to try. I think I will just try with other bark.
Yeah mate. I get the same thing in my area too. Far too humid for DMT to exist in xtal form for more than a few minutes.

After the post freeze/ decant I let it "warm up" in the fridge. (I cover any organic foods, don't know if necessary) Then after coming out of the fridge let it warm to room temp naturally, then dry any condensation under a fan.

Then I tare a blade on my scale and scrape the goo and measure the blade with goo on, then scrape off with another blade straight into ethanol. After scraping the whole dish and adding up the goo scrapes I know how much dmt is in the ethanol, which I then use to make changa.

It's the only way I've found around it... as I don't have air-con.

Hope it helps.
Thanks for the reply, I am trying that now - I was away for the weekend. The thing is that I have successfully done an extraction in this very apartment with the same conditions.

when in the fridge do you leave it open or still covered?

Do you have a link to a changa tek? I tried once and miserably failed... not sure why. It ended up being a very resinous plant material that did not burn well at all and was very harsh once it finally did burn.
My guess is that the relative humidity was lower when you last did an extraction. More moisture this time, maybe more heat as well.

I leave it covered in the fridge, but somehow some of the vapour escapes anyways and stinks it up.

Not sure why your last changa failed either mate, it seems so easy to do. Maybe you used too much harmalas or there was something else in there that did not work well? I used the info from these stickies in changa forum.
I found I didn't need as much solvent as described though. I use a 1/1/0.3 ratio of herbs/DMT/harmalas and then dry the product directly under a table fan using 90% ethanol. It's dry in less than a few hours, but I leave it for up to 12 depending on my desired outcome.
Thanks, I will definitely check it out.

So upon removal from the freezer/decanting I put it in the freezer but the same thing happened.

Luckily I had a bit of my basified mix left over so decided to try my luck. I did another pull.

I got a miniscule amount but it stayed pretty much crystallized. I'll upload a pic soon. It seems it was something related to the first pull even after I did the re-x...


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