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Consider me interested


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I'm so very intrigued by all of this. I want to study extractions and all other aspects of this molecule here, I've had an account in the past but membership went by the wayside. thanks for reading
Hello and welcome back!

Do you remember the name of your old account? Did you post on the forum at all?

We've plenty of information just like we used to. Is there any particular extraction that interests you the most? An important determining factor could be the local availability of extraction materials. What point in the process would you say you might be with regards to this?

If you have more of an idea of how you might be able to proceed it will save you time in deciding the appropriate methods to learn, although having a grasp of the fundamental principles of extraction is the royal road to empowerment.

Hope you enjoy the new forum!

Welcome to your new membership. I am very glad you decided to re-join.

So, when you were here in the past was it just as a curious lurker? I ask because it now sounds like you want to be an active researcher both in terms of extraction and perhaps even use. If so these are very exciting times indeed.

This place is a good rabbit hole of information. It will eat time if you let it but you will learn a lot.

Research is good and so are questions. The Wiki link above will take you to extraction TEKs

I hope you find what you seek and I'm glad you are back.
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