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Contact With A Feline Entity

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Hi there, SWIM would like to share their first time smoking DMT with you. I need to just give a little background on what happened to SWIM prior to the trip.
SWIM did a hit of DMT that he extracted from MHRB but it didnt give him a breakthrough. It didnt really do much at all. Anyway 3 days later SWIM was rushed into hospital with a chest infection and phnemonia. After later scans it was found out that SWIM had a Pulmonary Embolism (Blood clot in the lung). Now SWIM is 21 years old....not the age range youd expect for a clot. Now SWIM doesnt think that the DMT was involved....as there is a family history of males getting strokes and clots...and SWIM lifestyle didnt really help at all....
Right....so it was 3 days after getting out of hospital that SWIM decided to try smoking DMT again...now at the time SWIM was in their bedroom with their house mates in the room next door. SWIM fashioned a crude vaporisor out of a test tube and a hollow pen....which actually proved to be very efficient....
SWIM managed to take 3 nice long tokes before the tightness in the chest and the intensity of the visuals took over.....and layed back on the bed...
Now SWIM genuinely thought they had died....they couldnt feel themselves takeing a breath and couldnt feel their heartbeat either....SWIM was humbled by their first true experiance of ego death.
After about 10 seconds of the OE visuals SWIM closed their eyes and thats when it got really intense...
SWIM saw a pair of srartling eyes appear in the centre of their vision. Then from the centre as if a line had been drawn vertically down middle a perfectly symmetrical formation of fractal patterns started to form the shape of a head and face....Now the face took a definate feline appearance....almost like those pictures by Louis Wain.... and then a body started forming also....
SWIM heared a sort of rustling noise.....the closest thing they can describe it to ....is when in the matrix that liquid travels up neos arm...and when it goes down his throat it makes that wierd gargling noise.....thats probably the closest to the noise SWIM heared.
Now at this time SWIM was starting to freak out a bit just because SWIM had thought they had given themselves another clot in the lung.......And it was at this point that this entity spoke ti SWIM. It said....."Do not be afraid....You will be alright".
It was the way it said it SWIM honestly doesnt think they can describe it....but at that moment SWIM istantly opened their eyes with an overwhelming sense of euphoria.
The OE visuals were still the most intense that SWIM had ever experianced the most intricate patterns that SWIM had ever seen were forming on walls and on their hand.....And it was a good 10 minutes before SWIM was able to get up and to get a glass of water.......
SWIM was left with a good feeling that has pretty much lasted ever since :)
It was without a doubt the most significant experiance in SWIM's life.

Sorry about the long post, it just wouldnt have made as much sense without the background info..

Thank you for reading.
Thats an interesting thread! I found a drawing by walsh that was done when he was in hospital....face made of fractals but with normal eyes. Very striking.
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