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Contacting the Dead Through DMT

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I have contacted the dead intentionally a few times through DMT, my friend talked to his dead Mom face to face for a whole 5 minutes through DMT, my wife contacted her dead Dad through DMT, I will spare the details of all of these experiences as they are long. I don't know whether or not it is 100% true or a hallucination, I belief and trust it to be real due to the nature, we all know this story.

I was just wondering of others here use DMT to contact the dead, like talk to a dead friend or relative? Haven't heard much about others doing this, only contacting aliens or the like unintentionally.

Peace, Love, and Light!
Although I cannot answer your question, I have pondered in similar fashion. My beliefs and experiences likely differ from most, in that I have had unambiguous contact with at least one person who at the time had been dead for over 25 years. Like, face to face contact. I did not always believe that consciousness could persist after death, but my experiences forced me to reevaluate that belief. These experiences occurred without the usage or influence of drugs.

More recently I have begun to wonder if psychedelics could enhance the quality or frequency of such experiences. As to whether or not one could contact the disembodied consciousness of a dead person while under the influence of psychedelics (DMT or others), I am also unsure. The obvious problem would become discerning genuine contact from hallucination.

My question, differing slightly from yours, is whether or not the usage of psychedelics could potentially open one up, so to speak, and thereby increase the frequency, quality, and or ease of contact (not necessarily while tripping).

Some final advice for you, based upon my own experiences, would be to pay great attention to the details of any potential encounters. Write it all down as soon as you can after the experience. Analyze. Dive deep and ask why certain things happened the way they did, from the obvious to the minute details of the experience, including how those things made you feel at the time. Through careful analysis you might make some genuine progress. Whatever happens, it should prove interesting!

I wish you the very best of luck in this endeavor. I am sure many here would be interested in hearing more about your experiences.
After the listening to the Rogan/McKenna podcast, my beliefs have shifted toward the idea that psychadelics remove the filters that our brain naturally develops, and allows us to see/hear/feel things and beings that we aren't normally able to. I personally have encountered deities and entities, and now a greater connection to the normally unseen world, which in turn has made me more spiritual and open to mysticism and metaphysical ideas and beliefs. I also now believe that the energy of the universe manifests itself uniquely to each individual, in a way that the individual's brain can interpret it.

In this context, i wouldn't doubt one could potentially connect with those who have passed.
My partner's dad died and she wanted to contact him so to settle some unfinished issues. Being uncertain how and about implications, the matter was discussed with someone deeply ingrained with the occult (a highly respected theosophical representative). He did that for free in his spare time btw, on a friendly basis, thus no payed job.

In general he discouraged the attempt and I have to scratch into my memory a bit:

* the identity coming forth might not be the deceased at all, could be any identity playing a trick on you faking the deceased, and hell no you can't debunk them even with detailed personal secrets which they have access to anyway. If so, they can be well meant to help or have less honorable intentions and everything in between. You have no guarantee.

* if successfully contacted (dmt, regression, meditation, channeling, whatnot) what you get might be a memorial version that lingers around like an old photograph in the realm. So you might communicate with an older out to date version, for example a version where the diseased had only limited capacity which you then might think is the final emotions/thoughts . Like choosing from a wrong old shelf of the omniversal big data bank. The intel you find might have some competition of contradicting facts, of which you are excluded at that moment. In other words it might be advice indeed, but not the most fruitful. All hangs up there, you pick and get only 1 of the many more possibilities concerning the deceased. This randomizes the outcome.

* thing I forgot :oops:

She had heard enough to stall the effort. Much later on she came to conclusion to not pursue forcefully but take more grounds in spontaneously happenings, like dreams, trough intuition steered decisions, those things to be the most natural language of the dead trying to help. Also in the personal believe there's no real urgent need to settle issues as they understand better than us once they're in the total process (bardo's?) of departing.

Just sharing fwiw.
While in general I tend to shy away from such things, well, I've done DMT so the idea of contacting the dead through its use has a certain intriguing feasibility that I have been thinking about it alot lately too. The last couple years have seen the deaths of several of the closest people to me and there are some reasons I'd like to have contact with a couple of them. That said, the concerns that Jees just brought up put into words the vague apprehensions that I've had in pursuing the endeavor.

And also, having smoked DMT I know that I dont know a damn thing about the nature of life or death.

How does reincarnation fit into this? I'm not saying its true, but if the Tibetan formula is applied, then the person is incarnated within a quick period of time, about a month, right? And if, as I feel, that upon death all that one is, the experiences, concepts, ideas, memories etc that make up a person are stripped away like so many rags to dissolve and only remain in the memories of the living and any works that the person created that endure temporally. There may and may not be a core 'soul' or spark of pure creation that goes on to incarnate again, IDK. But I feel in the depths of my being that the continued existence of anything resembling the consciousness I now have is completely evaporated upon my death, so what is there to contact, other than some sort of cosmic tape like Jees described, that is only a representation of that person in time? Can I create a facsimile of the deceased to have a conversation with, is that what channeling is? I have far too many questions to attempt this...
I've been wondering about that too null24. But I came to a solution, put a blender in "time" :lol:

Suggestion: when a person dies, it's time frame changes. One second becomes a year, later one second becomes 1000 years, and before the physical death sets in then the dying 'person' lives already in eternity. This effect we already know of by our experiments, time freezes etc. So the consciousness lives already in eternity while the body makes a last breath. In that eternity the dying persons soul's consciousness learns everything there is to learn, with a carte blanche moving to any location, any other time frame, even those of the future.

So suppose my mom died in 2000 ( = hypothesis). In her last breath split second she could already see me today and if I wanted to contact her today, or she want to learn me something per my dreams or steer my intuition, she can do that today (meaning today 2017 according to my time frame perspective) while she actually performed that act in a millionths of second before her physical death in 2000.

It's a strange situation that the soul's consciousness outlives the body, experiencing eternity, yet it dies together with the body still. Almost a mathematical issue where the consciousness (while dying) goes into a logarithmic time steep while the body doesn't. Nothing really needs to survive the body.

So my trick is to rid of only one time frame that goes for all (meaning both consciousness and body). So the consciousness does not have to live longer than the body, it is not needed, all may die when the body dies, because eternal time and liberation of location is already reached just before the physical death.

If my mom steers my intuition today 2017, she did that actually in 2000, sort of, in her free condition right before her last breath.
In her free spirit condition she could also play entity tricks if she wants to, with other people else on earth, the things I warned about in my previous post.

I've no idea if things are like that at all, but I like to think so, and could not find myself a critics to it. I think it's funny ;)
At the end of all this, you will need to make your own decisions. Remember that all of us bring our own beliefs to the table with regards to communication with the dead. None of us have a complete picture, and that includes religious institutions as well as the many texts on the subject, however well regarded. None of them get it completely right, so I advise against accepting any of them in their entirety. Take what you need from each as they agree with what you experience.

Your situation differs from mine in that you are initiating contact with someone, whereas in my situation someone initiated contact with me. Turns out they had their own motives for doing so. You might say they had unfinished business and I was in the position to assist them. I also suspect that to some degree they felt they owed me (in a good way). In my case the experience has been overwhelmingly positive, but I cannot guarantee your experience, should you make contact, will be the same. I also cannot claim that every single person who has passed is able to be contacted. That I just do not know.
I don't really believe in all that contacting the dead stuff... but I've contacted the dead unintentionally many many times on dmt. It feels so real. So, so real. I still don't really believe in talking to dead people, but I sure feel like I've done it, on many occasions.

I've also been told things that were going to happen, and then they happened. I've also been given information about people or situations that I had no way of knowing and it ended up being accurate. I've been taught about subjects that I've never researched and looked it up after to find that the info was accurate.

I'm a skeptic, but it sure seems like we are dealing with something extraordinary here.
I have had experiences where I suspect the discarnate entity was able to access my psyche (to some extent) because it visually presented me with crisp, clear and active 2D scenery (on the bedroom ceiling) of my family and I in scenes that were not from a memory.

One can suppose the same mechanics could be used to provide a DMT user with experiences incorporating dead relatives.

With all that said, I recall one experience where the rambling voice of an elderly woman was a peripheral part of a DMT experiment that was coming to an end.

In my mind I voiced this opinion:

"It sounds like she's been on the sherry."

And straightaway here voice came back, with great indignation: "I beg your pardon?"

I was so taken aback I apologised.

For me, the DMT experience in its fullness takes one far higher than the realm of the shells of the dead (i.e. astral personalities of deceased humans) but as one returns to baseline I would not rule out some vague or peripheral perception of that.

As always, I remain open minded and am only interested in knowing the truth.
What a substance:

Seem to only happen on a low dose, like 15 mgs, more than a dose of 45 mgs or more...
DisEmboDied said:
....Seem to only happen on a low dose, like 15 mgs...

I have had many experiments with similar doses and found familiar and unfamiliar voices speaking usually uninteresting snippets of speech. I have experienced these voices both inside and outside my head. They are easily shut out / switched off merely by consciously becoming aware of them. There was never any foreign speech but lots of widely varying accents.

My approach to DMT research has been in the capacity of investigating occult (hidden / concealed) realities - based on my longstanding interest in esoteric philosophy. In that respect I have a huge and genuine interest in these kinds of posts.
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