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cool video beyond matter

Migrated topic.
sounds to me like islamic and or monotheastic propaganda. there are flaws in the argument the narrator makes. just because our brain is the way in which we imagine the world and images does not mean that GOD or ALLAH i don't care what you call it is feeding us signals. first of all the argument that the brain is just as fake as the rest of the universe is a stupid argument. the brain is a complicated receiver yes. it receives signals from the material yes the material world and turns them into a perception of the world. but that does not mean that those signals in the absence of YOUR receiver are not there. this is just a pathetic egocentric and human centric view point on things as all monotheastic belief systems lead too. i could just as easily argue that your soul is those electric signals which are made of particles and energy just as much as this narrator can argue that its all not real and a shadow. it makes the whole argument pointless however. so instead of trying to relentlessly pursue the belief in all knowing beings lets start with what we as living beings know and feel.
burnt said:
sounds to me like islamic and or monotheastic propaganda.

It is. If you want to sell bullshit, wrap it in some logic and feed as whole. Old trick, boring movie, not much information, a lot of talking... and they don't go the last logical step.
what does some god made up by a child raper who stole ideas from judaism have to do with anything? retarded.

hahaha! religious people are just becoming desperate to hold onto their beliefs and are using any inclination they get from science to prove they are right. as soon as science disproves something they say they reject it and say we have "faith". and as giga put it well its complete bullshit.
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