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Coronary artery spasm - variant angina

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Ok so I had a bit of a scare a short while ago, hospitalised with a coronary artery spasm which mimicked a heart attack and done some damage to the left ventricle.

The issue was NOT brought about by psychedelic use but rather a nasty expensive substance

Anyway as I am a lover of all manner of plants and entheogens I would like to think that there are still some that I (or anyone else in the same boat) that could be ingested/smoked/vaporised to no ill effect.

Personally in no hurry to take anything except the provided medication which is diltiazem hydrochloride.

Any information, thoughts ,feeling would be very helpful

Tough question. Maybe there's a doctor who can better answer it for you, but here's my two cents.

Assuming there is no contraindication between your medication and the psychedelic substance, you would still have to worry about the elevated stress placed on your heart and blood vessels. As you probably know, psychedelics can increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Definitely seek the opinion of a cardiologist. Perhaps you could do this anonymously online. Problem is, even a cardiologist likely won't have a verifiable answer, because there probably haven't been any tests done with psychedelics on patients with a history of infarction/angina. The answer will probably be something like "avoid elevated cardiovascular stress, and don't use illegal drugs."

Be careful
Thanks for the reply mate I'll be careful Not planning on taking any drugs now or in the future . I think that the medication would be contraindicated with harmalas with them both being potent vasodilators probably causing dangerously low blood pressure .

I will speak to the cardiologist when or if I can as I guess they are quite busy.

Seems like my days of travelling are over for now but never mind Dmt was an experience I shall never forget.

There's always alternatives meditation lucid dreaming yoga guitar

and this guy

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