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Coronavirus Timeline

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Here's a quick overview of the spread of the virus up through the end of last week.

Week 0: December 31 – Jan 6: Virus is discovered in Wuhan. Approximately 50 cases identified.

Week 1: Jan 7 – Jan 14: Virus Identified by WHO. First death reported. First case outside China reported.

Week 2: Jan 15 – Jan 21: Second and third deaths. Japan, United States, Nepal, France, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan all confirm cases. Confirmed cases reach 5000.

Week 3: Jan 22 – Jan 29: Quarantines begin. Death toll reaches over 100. Number of confirmed cases reaches over 5000 in China alone.

Week 4: Jan 30 – Feb 6: India Philliipines Russia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the US, the UAE and Vietnam all confirm new cases. First death outside China. China’s death toll reaches over 500 with over 28,000 confirmed cases. Cases in Europe reach over 30.

Week 5: Feb 7 – Feb 14: WHO announces COVID-19 name. Diamond Princess cases confirmed. China and Japan confirm first deaths. China reaches over 60,000 cases and 1400 dead.Egypt and Africa confirm first cases.

Week 6: Feb 15 – Feb 21: Taiwan and South Korea report first deaths. Iran reports first cases and deaths. Israel confirms first cases. China’s daily infection rate drops below 2000. Italy reports first local transmission bringing total confirmed cases to 6. China’s confrimed cases surpass 75,000 and death toll reaches over 2200.

Week 7: Feb 22 – Feb 28: South Korea spikes over 200 cases in a single day. Italy and reports first deaths. Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman, Norway, Romania, Greece, Georgia, Pakistan, North Macedonia, Brazil, Estonia, Denmark, Northen Ireland and the Netherlands confirm cases. Global cases reach over 85,000 with more than 2800 deaths.

Week 8: Feb 29 – March 6: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Jordan report cases . Italy and Iran both surpass 75 deaths. The coronavirus has killed nearly 3,500 people and infected another 102,000 people across more than 90 countries.

Week 9: March 7 – March 13: WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. Iran released about 70,000 prisoners over coronavirus concerns. Germany reports first deaths. Iran and Italy death toll rising steeply. Lebanon and Morocco report first deaths. Democratic Republic of the Congo, Panama, Mongolia, Turkey, Ivory Coast, Honduras and Bolivia report first cases. The global death toll has surpassed 4,600 with infections exceeding 126,100 cases. China reported its lowest number of new infections since the daily reporting on infections began seven weeks ago.
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