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could LSA be a mild NMDA-antagonist?

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LSD is known to increase NMDA-related activity in the brain.
Now, as the effects of LSA seem to be the exact opposite of the effects of LSD, and also because the effects of LSA are sedative rather than stimulating...could LSA actually be a mild NMDA-antagonist?
I've never had K-hole type experiences with LSA, but i do find it to have dissociative quality's, rather than real psychedelic effects.
dont know about antagonism

but my experience with lsa is similar - it is a tool to go out of body.
The effect is not stimulating at all but really relaxing meditative clear headed zen like.

a high dose lsa-extract (HBWR) trip with strong broncho- and vasocontriction lead to fall OOB while meditatinon...letting go of breathing and movement.

First - really interesting, fast and strong visuals, lsd-psilo like and seconds after letting go - wormwhole hyperspace travel - several times in this one experience

It feels like being shot oob
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