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Creation and Visitation


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Some of us have noticed that in hyperspace it is very possible to build or create entities/things/places.

I recently had a pretty weird experience. I was completely sober and PsychosisDoses projected an image, I won't go into too much details but I began to think. Perhaps we can create places and land-marks where a fellow hyperspace visitor can visit.

The user MindAsh reported a fairly similar experience to one of mine, and we were both listening to the same song and have had some of the same life struggles.

How to go about doing this... Well I'm really not sure.

I think the two people should be kind of in Sync with each other.
Maybe a similar background.
Maybe similar sensory experiences, same music, same thoughts, same intentions?

Maybe we can set "passwords" or thoughts that would help to travel there.

I am not sure, I am looking for suggestions!!! If you have any please suggest.

I believe The Traveler and I are going to try this.
We both have interests in computers and have programming backgrounds.

The Traveler is the molder or creator, and I will be the visitor.

I have little to no idea what will be built or molded, all I will know is the "password" or a suggested method to get there. I will have it guided with my intention to find his destination. Explore it, play with it, maybe change it and report back.

If this fails that doesn't mean it is impossible, it just means either we are a bad pair, or maybe the wrong passwords, or my experience with traveling is not adequate for this kind of experiment.
A good spiritual friend of mine has recommended me a lot of concentration and mindfulness excercises from the Buddhist beliefs.

If anyone else wants to try to build something and has a method or metaphor or something that may help someone get there post it here!
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