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Cross Country Gathering and Gathering

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Hello Nexians!

I have been travelling off and on for the past year. I generally live out of my car and camp in forests across the U.S. I go to rainbow gatherings when they come up and are within a few hundred miles of me. Eventually I go back to my hometown to resupply and work for a bit of cash.

Now I am off again for another stint of travelling. 😁 I will still be going to gatherings and forests but this time I will have another focus. I hope to gather, research and document psychoactive plants as I travel. One of my first targets is Phalaris Arundinacea (midwestern wetlands). I know it may be late in the season but I am hoping to be on the road for several months, if not a year, so perhaps I can get it next season if not now.

I am also hoping to find some toads (sonoran desert) as well as fungi (pacific northwest).

Do any nexians have advice as to where would be a good area to visit? For any of the above or different plants. I put where I am planning to check in green but other areas or more specific places would be much appreciated. Sad that I will not be able to search and post on the Nexus as much but no doubt will be a fun, insightful adventure.

I will be on as much as I can! :thumb_up:
Leave the toads be!

If you're interested in toad medicine, maybe contact some of the people working with them responsibly, Rettig comes to mind (with all his controversy, i think he's doing good work) and his colleagues. They have a good FB group if you can join.
I will have to look into it. Thanks for the advice!

Just to be clear, I am not planning on taking any out of their natural habitat but hoping to meet someone that can help me experience what they have to offer.

Checking for the FB group now. :thumb_up:
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