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Cross Country Road Trip & Peru: Intro

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Howdy Fellow Nexians!

I have just returned from my road trip across the country. I have done so much traveling within the past 6 months I feel I have accelerated my evolution exponentially. In January and February I went to Peru to work with Ayahuasca, and a couple months later I jumped in my car and traveled in the USA for 2 ½ months. I was sharing all of these adventures with my partner No Knowing, so I’m sure you can all expect some write ups from him also :d We started in Northern Delaware, headed to Denver, through Utah, Nevada, Lake Tahoe, San Fran, Santa Cruz, Big Sur, LA, Arizona, and ended with Louisville before heading home.

After this past trip in particular, I became so inspired. I started working on my interests and using what I learned from those I met once I got home. The first thing I did when I got home was set up my alter ;) (link at the bottom). Driving across the country, seeing so many places so different from my own in such a short time, meeting people so similar to me, yet living in these foreign places really has opened me up.

The people that I was blessed to cross paths with on this journey changed many views of mine. Some made me look at the way in which I have been using certain plant medicines, like cannabis in particular. Everyone I met though was able to leave a beautiful imprint on me and changed the way I was looking at life or my own in some way. I stayed with some extremely talented musicians who sparked my creative drive, I’ve never wanted to get in my studio more. We definitely encountered people who were less conscious than we are at this moment, slightly more robotic, but it was such an amazing experience to finally meet people farther along certain parts of the spiritual path than we are.

One particular highlight which stands out over anything else was meeting with Antrocles and receiving a sound healing and chakra tuning from him. Wow, is really all I can say here. He brought it back, whatever “it” may be; He hit the nail on the head. His presence is so powerful, yet gentle, peaceful, warm and loving. I will be sure to write about this all later in greater detail. I have so much to write about on all my trips that I feel I should cover each event on its own.

I know my posting activity on here has been minimal in the past, but i've gotten so much help from this community. I honestly feel like there is no better group of people to share these events in my life with. I had some reluctance to take the time to write and share before, I’m not sure what the block exactly was, but it’s not there anymore. Maybe level of self-consciousness, or laziness. I can now feel how supportive of a community this is. I’m feeling the shift of people I am called to surround myself with, and am just riding this flow. There are some emotions of sadness as you let go of what no longer is, like old friends, but they are quickly dispelled when I melt into what is becoming. I see myself growing, becoming more aware, and increasingly surrounding myself with love, acceptance and positive energy :thumb_up:.

I just finished up my undergraduate degree in December, which was taking up so much of my free time, and now that I’m done traveling for awhile, I don’t have any other major time constraints holding me back. I feel a level of motivation towards all these interested I use to be so passionate about that I don’t think I would have right now without traveling like I did. I’m dedicating this last month of the summer or so I have left living in my house before I move out west, to immerse myself in my passions and expanding my consciousness.

Stay posted for more write ups.

Link to my alter: New Altar :) - Spirituality & Mysticism - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus
I'm doing whatever I can to make money right now, taking on small things here and there. Just getting out of school and not being able to, or really wanting to for that matter, work in the field I got my degree in, makes it a little more challenging. I have a 200 hour Yoga Teaching Cert so I've been freelancing myself sharing my practices with others.

No Knowing has been working physical labor his whole life and is currently trying to find something easier on his body.

We're both hoping that when we move soon we'll be better able to let roots form there, and work out what we each want to do to make a living. We have some great ideas, but you can only plan so much. 😉
Right now, for this last month while I have the time, I want dedicate this time to going deep into myself and my spiritual practices.
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