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Cyb's Max Ion, Xylene after Naptha = Success!

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TL,DR: Hi, you're all awesome. After pulling 1.4g from 125g mhrb using Max Ion, pulled an additional 500mg full spectrum spice using only 30 mL room temperature xylene in room temperature basic solution. A fan blowing over the oil while scraping hardens it to wax real fast.

Hey Nexus, this will be my first post here though I've been a member for a couple years. First, thank you all for this community. The knowledge I've gained here has guided me to levels of self actualization I didn't know possible, in directions I'd never imagined. And they just kind of rubs off on the people closest to me as well, ya know? This is worthwhile.

I just wanted to share some results of my latest extraction, I'm sure there's nothing new here, but more data is good data, and I feel like sharing for a change

This was my first time working with mhra, though I've successfully extracted 500g of acacia and the same of Syrian rue with a variety of techniques. I used Cyb's Salt Tek on a batch of acacia with good results (>1%) but this was the first following Max Ion. Yield was about 1.4g from 125g powdered bark, initial 5 pills combined, a pull at 24 hours and one at 72. 72 hour pull yielded about 50mg, pretty well spent for now I figure, maybe let it sit awhile and try again. In the meantime, let's go to the hardware store and buy everything for my first crack at FASA! Including a shiny jug of xylene.

I'd always been leary of using xylene as a solvent, it just seemed more of hassle than sticking with naptha from what I'd read. You have to use more of it, can't freeze precip, takes forever to evap and is super slow and noxious to do, and after all that you end up with a hard to work with goop is the picture I had in my mind. In the plus side, full spectrum product. I decided to pick some up after learning you can precipitate dmt from it using FASA without the need to evaporate it. I also decided to throw a bit into my basic solution to see what else I could pick up.

Not expecting to extract to much, and not being familiar with the evaporation time, I chose to use just 30 mL. I didn't bother to even heat it, just popped room temp solvent in room temp solution and gave it the ol 5 shakes. What I was able to pull of the top was put under a fan in a 9 x 13 pyrex baking dish. The smell wasn't bad at all to me, more tolerable than naptha fumes for sure. My dad does a lot of oil painting, reminded me of childhood. With that surface area the solvent was gone in just a couple hours, and I was left with my expected goo. I wasnt expecting it to cover the whole dish, though. With a utility blade I begin to push a goop sheet into a goop pile, which turns out to be easier than I thought. As soon as I agitate the oil it begins to harden to wax. I still had the fan blowing on high across the dish at this point, and that seems to have greatly aided the drying process. A couple minutes later I have a nice pile of wax shaving, a minute after that I have a nice 500mg pile of full spectrum spice.

That's all, nothing special, but hopefully this helps someone like I've been helped by so many posts on here


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Welcome! Looks spicy! Be careful with that stuff, you might lose an I!

:thumb_up: nice numbers... And thanks for the data on your experience with xylene. It all helps.

Let us know how it goes with that stuff.
Same observation, xylene extracts the goods much more efficiently than naphtha/hexane.
Less extractions needed with xylene. But you don't get nice crystals....
^^ Done it mostly like that, starting pulls with toluene (doesn't smell like xylene), backwash, and then pull with naphtha.
So I just finished drying another pull, this time ended up with 325 mg of spice. That 900 mg from two 30 mL cold xylene pills after naptha stopped yielding, putting me at 2.3 g for 125 g MHRB, just shy of 2%. I'm about to do a hot pull to see if I can push anything else, I really want to hit that 2.
endlessness said:
Alternatively, you can also start with xylene, and later recrystallize your goods with naphtha if you want crystals (or with FASA/freebase conversion)

The above is my preference. Extract 3 times with xylene, evaporate xylene completely to give a thick, oily residue, then recrystallise with hexane.
Electro Monk said:
hm. that is very interesting!

however, isnt xylene really toxic? from what i read its way more harmful then naphtha.

Im unaware if xylene is really more toxic than naphtha, but it certainly smells way worse. If you want something that pulls more than naphtha but doesn't smell bad, you can go for limonene. But you need to salt your alkaloids out afterwards because limonene doesn't evap clean, check BLAB tek for info on salting.
Limonene is a bit of a pain to work with; it's not as inert as xylene and its smell hangs around quite tenaciously in part due to its oxidation to "stickier" by-products. The salted products require multiple recrystallisations to be freed from the pervasive citrus/minty odour that can develop.

Xylene's short-term toxicity isn't really that bad so a one-off usage should be just fine if the smell isn't going to alert the neighbours or some similar issue. And given its quasi-magickal power of pulling the goods from old base soup, xylene's positives seem to outweigh the negatives quite comfortably.
I'm a xylene believer after this extraction for sure, at least in conjunction with other methods. I'm excited to attempt a fasa salting on my next batch, just missing the fumaric acid now.

180 mg from the hot xylene pull, definitely more orange and gooey than the last couple. Thunderstorms rolled in this afternoon, the humid heat slowed down drying significantly. I'm gonna let my bark stew a week and see if there are leftover goodies. Super happy with my results. I was looking for 2 g to take my second shot at making changa, glad I don't have to set up another extraction to get it. Harmalas freebase drying right now, and a jar of Iso that's been soaking with double bergamot early grey, cloves and sassafras for a week. It smells perfect.
Evaping xylene would drag suspicion from far and wide, get toluene, no fuzz.
Don't evap volumes at all imho, backwash the enriched toluene in an acid liquid (all the fats/gunk will stay in the toluene) and re-pul that salted liquid with naphtha for example. The mini AB route. You receive 5 karma points each time as a bonus :p
At what yield point with nalhta would people consider it no longer worth finishing with a xylene pull? Or is it pretty consistently worth it because napbta just won't get it all? Still have my largely spent bark bottle, have been considering grabbing some xylene but uncertain as to whether or not it's worth dealing with either the evaporation or salting out product. If it's pretty miniscule I doubt it's worth it, if it's generally a pretty meaningful pull I feel like it's probably worth the work. Anyone have opinions there?
So I had the chance to finally sample the fruits of my week's labour, and the effort has been worthwhile. I ended up with three distinct end products from my extraction, crystalline white dmt, the yellow powdered wax from my original pictures, and a dark amber unhardened wax. The amber wax and the crystalline forms were sampled, vaporized using a Yocan Cerum wax atomizer with ceramic disk coil attached to a Smok Procolour mod, wattage mode, 22.0W.

I sublingually dosed 30mg of harmalas freebase extracted from syrian rue. After 30 minutes I smoked a further 10-15mg.

I tried the wax first, 25mg. I typically don't open my eyes at all while I trip, so I'll try and give some feel for my ce visual experience. Firstly, the background was much lighter than I typically experience, starting bright white and slowly fading to mocha and finally back to black around 20 minutes. The geometry and flow were were fluid, bubbly and effervescent. The overall impression was liquid. I had the sensation that I was sitting cross legged in a stream instead of on my couch, chilly and damp and buoyant, like I was nearly floating. Very colorful, images and flashes presented in full visible spectrum. At one point I was visuallized spinning seven sided columns, each side presenting a simple line shape in one of the rainbow colours, more runic than geometric if ye ken. Very neat.

After perhaps 40 minutes I loaded up some of the white crystal in the the vaporizer, un mesured, I'd guess around 30mg. This blasted me far. I had the sense of just being stretched through different dimensions, not transporting somewhere else but existing at multiple places at once. I perceived a shared awareness with a separate entity, like we briefly occupied the same space in a way that led to overlap, like I simultaneously experienced the event from both of our perspectives. When I can back my visual field had a very slick, oily texture to it, vivid prismatic color blended into shiny black, eventually giving way to what I'd say is my "standard" patterning with dmt and harmalas, sort of flowing purple black gigeresque gothic mayan visions.

Overall a great experience, I'd estimate from this trial the wax was 10-20% weaker by weight than what I'd expect from crystal, but possessing a somewhat unique character, though whether that was due to the substance itself or my mind I couldn't say. I'll have to do more side by side comparison perhaps, and a trial with my yellow spice as well.
Just wanted to throw in some results of another extraction I'm in the midst of, same bark, same amount (125g mhrb). I wanted to see if I could speed things up a bit over following Max Ion to the letter as I did last time.

-Added 125 g powdered mhrb to my extraction vessel. I use a 2 L glass wine jug, thick tempered glass resistant to temperature shock, and from where the neck narrows to the top is approximately 50 mL for easy solvent pulls.

-Added 500 mL ph 2-3 filtered water + vinegar, placed in crockpot warm water bath kept between 60-70 degrees for 2ish hours

-Added a liter of hot saline solution, about 150 g salt used

-Based to about 14 pH with NaOH solution

-Right after basing, with vessel still in the water bath, pulled 3x 75 mL xylene

-Backsalt xylene into 500 ml vinegar solution, re-base, 4x 50 mL warm naptha pulls

-Into the fridge for a few hours, into the freezer over night.

This morning I collected just shy of 2 grams of slightly yellow tinged nice looking crystals, over 500 mg more than I obtained from the initial pulls while closely following the Max Ion outline, and made a 2-3 day tek into a 1 day tek. It seems if you're starting from powder, all the extra cell lysing steps are unnecessary, and xylene seems to pull much faster than naptha. And yeah, backsalting and freeze precipitation is the way to go, no mess, no smell, no worries. And free karma! Thanks for the tip Jees :thumb_up:


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And here's some of the changa I made with my first extraction, 1:2:3 blend (1 gram rue extracted harmalas, 2 grams freebase dmt, 3 grams herb base)

1 g mullein
500 mg mugwort
500 mg damiana
250 mg passionflower
250 mg lemonbalm
250 mg spearamint
125 mg lavender
125 mg rose petal

Alkaloids dissolved in isopropyl that had been infused with double bergamot earl grey, cloves, and sassafras then added to the herbs. Curing right now. It smells exactly like rootbeer, I can't wait to try it. My partner can't stand the smell of spice or changa, but they made yummy noises when they stuck their nose in this jar.


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