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Cyb's tek naphta pull question

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I extracted my last batch of DMT with cyb's tek max ion from MHRB. I used 50g of MHRB and i pulled 550mg of DMT. My yield was approximatly 1.1%. i used 30ml of naphta per pull and i did 6 pulls. I had combine all my pulls without evaporation and i put my baking dish in freezer to crush out the crystal. I read after this is best to separate pulls in different dishs and to use a bigger quantity of naphta for the first pull. Is it a good idea to use 60ml for the first pull, 40ml for the second and after the freeze precipitate, splitting the first pull in two for the third and forth, and splitting the second for the fifth and sixth? (i attach my note if it' not clear) Is it possible to pull more DMT like this?


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