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Dancing with hyperspace beings and my dog tripping with me


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I have recently traveled a lot under the influence of DMT and I am still amazed at the worlds I visited and the beings I had contact with.
During my first trips I did not break through to the other side but my room was visited almost every time by a being, it was female (I think it may have been a manifestation of my female side, the Jungian Anima), it helped me connect more with my body. During the first trip, I started sweating a lot and this creature, as if through this sweat, wrapped itself around my entire body and took control over it, then I got up and started some crazy dance 💃, I performed some amazing moves that I didn't even know my body could do that, it was a beautiful experience that I repeated several times, now during the day without any substances I can dance spontaneously, which gives me a lot of joy. I haven't seen this creature for some time, but I feel as if it was present in my life, as if it had somehow become a part of me. My dog Sumer often accompanies me on my travels. It is interesting that she often takes a very active part in my travels, she reacts to the creatures I meet, some make her happy and others she is afraid of, and she even barked at them, scaring them away. During one of the longer sessions, which lasted about an hour, Sumer ran to me at the very beginning and cuddled up to me, which gave me a great sense of security. After the third puff from the vaporizer, I made it to the other side and, amazingly, Sumer was there with me as my guide, when I returned back to my room I continued vaping but without getting to the other side, at one point I made very strong eye contact with Sumer and felt great love for her, after a while it was as if we had a telepathic bond and she told me something like "man, finally" xD, a moment later she started showing me what it's like to perceive the world as a dog, my sense of smell became very sharp and I started to smell everything like a dog, first her and then my bed and other objects, which allowed me to understand how she perceives world. A little later I sat down at the piano which is in my room, I've been playing it for quite some time and I'm not very good at this instrument at the moment, but then it was much easier, my fingers hit each key perfectly with great finesse, the sounds that came out from the instrument was a manifestation of my emotions, I'm thinking to experiment a little more now with playing instruments under the influence of DMT. And as for Sumer, after my recent travels I am almost sure that dogs are interdimensional creatures and if not all of them, then definitely Sumer 🐶. I also think that animals can be very helpful during psychedelic therapy, I've never had a better trip sitter 🐶.
Recently I have also started practicing magic under the influence of DMT, the creatures I meet help me, they teach me how to influence the world using various gestures, I also combine it with Reality Transurfing, which gives quite interesting effects, but maybe I will write more about it when I manage to to put together my thoughts related to this.
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