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Shall ba

Rising Star
Here are some shots of my lovely datura inoxia
Which I grew from seed this year.
The growing season is pretty much over
Now. I am already thinking about next
Season harvest. Enjoy the pics!
And happy growing.


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Very easy. You should plant the seeds in march in small pots.
They should sprout in around 3-4 weeks. Then they flower
Through summer and then after the flower dies off
You are left with spiny seedpods which grow quick
But mature slow. So be careful not to pick the pods
Too early. I water mine with a mixture of feeds
For good growth. The leafs can be harvested in august.
I simply pick them and but them in an empty draw to
Dry out.
I am going to leave the two containers with the extract in
Until Monday. Then I am going to strain the alcohol
Off and let it dry. If done properly I should be left
With green goo. Its green because of the cholorly in
The leafs. Does any one know how to get a powder instead
Of the goo.?
Lovely grow! Thornapple, kinda cool how the morphology of the plant bespeaks it's potentially sinister powers. An ancient and storied family in the annals of witchery and shamanism. You could make some wicked "flying ointment"!

Should you plan bio-assay, be most CAUTIOUS! Not referred to as, the deadly nightshade family, without good reason...mad as a hatter, dry as a bone, red as a beet, hot as a hare, blind as a bat!!!!

As an aside, I ONCE dreamed on a self-brewed anahuasca prepped with chaliponga and @10 Datura seeds(2 doses). Indeed, nausea and vomiting were minimal, however I had an @2hour interval of dreaming in which I was 100% dissociated from my physical environment. An experienced "sitter" is REQUISITE! Anti-cholinergic poisoning is NO JOKE!

Here's my 2 boxes. They should be ready for extraction on Monday.


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Legarto Rey said:
You could make some wicked "flying ointment"!

Should you plan bio-assay, be most CAUTIOUS! Not referred to as, the deadly nightshade family, without good reason...mad as a hatter, dry as a bone, red as a beet, hot as a hare, blind as a bat!!!!

As an aside, I ONCE dreamed on a self-brewed anahuasca prepped with chaliponga and @10 Datura seeds(2 doses).

I would love to make a flying ointment some day. Ingestion with plants like that is just a little too risky for my tastes, but I know it can be done if one is incredibly cautious.

I developed a relationship with mandrake root a few years ago, which by all accounts is much more forgiving than datura. I had a not so great experience one night when I stepped just over the line of how much I should have ingested. I still enjoy mandrake from time to time, but only in small doses now :d I don't know if I would ever be brave enough to make an anahuasca with datura seeds...I'm glad it worked out for you, though!
Nice! I didn't grow any Datura this year maybe next year if the seeds I have are still viable. But I vastly expanded my Brugmansia collection. The beauty and intoxicating aroma of the flowers got a hold of me and now I have about 2 dozen different varieties.
Of course. Hard to put into exact words, especially as it was a few years ago. Definitely an elevated heart rate to the point of it feeling dangerous in the moment. I think a bit of a fever, and just a general sense of having poisoned myself. There were some not super clear feelings/delusions perhaps as well. Before that some really interesting auditory hallucinations.

I like mandrake in small doses. Up until that point I was feeling great, but then I was like "whoops..." I'm not sure it's possible to really "trip" on it safely, but perhaps I am just not as acquainted with her as I thought.
I see thanks for sharing your experience!

I think the safe dose is the low dose, and agree that to fully fly or trip there is no fully safe way.

I have an immense interest but also healthy fear of these plants.

Datura stramonium grows wild in various places around me, I love to find them and sometimes harvest parts of them.

Very interested in making a salve or flying ointment soon, I require a few more ingredients for the recipe I plan to follow.

Should be worthwhile process though! Would love to share experiences if anyone else chooses to go down that road
I am planing on taken a small dose to start with.
Then working my way up. Those tubs contain 2 grams each
Of leaf material soaked in I so 99%.
Tommoro I am going to pour the alcohol
Off and let it dry.
That "working your way up" could be not such a good idea. These toxic substances stay in your body for quite some time.

Datura is a dangerous drug, as are all anticholinergic deleriants. It can literally turn you into a mindless zombie.

You shouldn't look at these substances as common hallucinogens. This stuff can make you hallucinate, and make you forget you took something that causes hallucinations, at the same time. For more than 24 hours.
In other words, it isn't just causing hallucinations, it also severely dulls your mind.

It is much worse than alcohol in this regard. It realy makes someone who's completely pissed on booze, seem coherent and clear.

Imagine something that can make you hallucinate like smoked salvia, and dull and confuse you at the same time, like an amount of alcohol that would realy knock you of your feet effectively. And then a thousand times worse for way over 24 hours.
Datura seems like a very risky experience. Just reading trip reports is enough to instill a sense of revulsion in my mind, it just does not seem like a safe path of exploration at all; stories of people who got permanently messed up because of it seem common.
I have taken it on numerous times. I started growing
My own years ago and developed a relationship
With the plant and species.
I usually take the seeds and make extracts which
Is what I am doing here.
Seed extracts are better but dosing on them
Is risky.
In Amazonia, low doses of toe' are often included in ayahuasca prep. When used judiciously, it mitigates the purge and adds a "dreamy" quality to the visions. It can engender visions during which the person is completely amnestic to the antecedent ingestion of brew. Very unnerving, in retrospect.

My notion is that historically, the Solanaceae were combined with other visionary plants for their synergistic effect and to mitigate nausea and vomiting. With this approach, "safer" doses were the norm. The use of nightshades, as the sole ingredient, to induce visions is physiologically risky and physically taxing. The "therapeutic window" when used for visionary purposes is rather narrow. Obviously, they(nightshades) were also used for nefarious reasons as is still the case today!

My Datura spiked Chaliponga brew experience was quite pleasant(low dose Datura). I did have a bit of a dry mouth but tachycardia and fever were not an issue. The "crazy" part was the "forgetting" that a drug had been ingested DURING an interval of my dreaming. Similar to a vaped DMT breakthrough or smoked Salvia extract, only the interval was @2hours. I was able to reference the time frame only because I had a reliable sitter who described that I had dreamed, essentially motionless, on a recliner for that period of the trip. Be CAREFUL!

Shall ba, it is suboptimal to use isopropanol with plastic tubs for making extracts intended for consumption. Plasticizers leach into your products and, even if - as in your case - the extract itself is arguably more dangerous than some trace of plasticizer, it's still best (and very easy) to avoid this by using glass containers instead.
Thank you. I did not think about glass containers. Good idea.
I will try it out next time.
I have poured the alcohol off. Now all I need to
Do is let it evaporate.


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