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decanting brews

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I have been wondering about this for quite some times now..
I have a brew that I plan on drinking tonight..it has been in the fridge for about a month. Every time I store a brew this way there is always alot of sludge that collects at the bottom of the bottle and I havet he urge to pour off the liquid and wash away all the sludge..but I was worried that some actives maybe in that sludge..

I usually would shake up the brew and then reheat it to steralize it and then drink..but this time I poured off the liquid and got rid of the crap on the bottom and then reheated the brew for use tonight..

Does anyone know if I am loosing actives this way?...or is it making the brew cleaner for the stomach because now there is less tannins?
Yeah you will do. Especially if caapi is used. But as long as you made enough of the stuff it's well worth it.
I think the gunk doesnt consist of fallen out actives - the actives lost are only those dissolved in the moisture wettening the gunk , and you havent reduced down to a syrupy consistency it seems ...
Its easier to drink this way , isnt it ?
It is totally normal for the brew to separate--and, yes, there are actives in the sludge. My experimentation seems to point to the sludge being just as active as the liquid brew itself. One time, an entire brew turned into sludge, so I was forced to add water and re-reduce.

This has raised disturbing questions in my mind about assumed dosage vs. actual dosage. I wish I had some scientific way of exploring this. I have probably discarded lots of magical sludge in the past. :(

Just don't drink the Mimosa sludge. That's a bit different. :lol:
fractal enchantment said:
hmm..well I drink my sludge from now on:d
I dont brew with mimosa anyway..

Funny you mentioned this! I drank the reminiscent of the brew I made the other night, tonight. It was sludge but I mixed a bit of water in there. I don't think I could swallow the solid bit which was left over, without some additional liquid. It was sat in my fridge for almost a week. No effect though after 3 hours as I write this reply.
I have been decanting like this on purpose and getting rid of the sludge. This cuts down on the nausea. If you are worried about getting every bit of liquid, then filter it.
if your using aya vine, and dmt leave (chali or charcuna) there is def actives in sludge, expecially with the cappi. If it is a dmt only brew, and your taking maoi seperately, let the sludge go, expecially if using mimosa
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