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dedicated grow closet

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Here's best attempt I've made for dedicated grow room thus far. very low ceiling - bit of alice in wonderland vibe being 1.2m/4' at the highest point, but with 24x36 hepa filter, and everything can get sanitized properly and it's sealed well enough that maybe I can keep humidity up as well. Still need to add grow lights and humidifier, stay tuned..

I'll post updates here as things progress, right now I don't even have agar poured yet.


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2 weeks in... Pictured here are multi-spore inoculated rye and oat berry jars, including "AMVP", "Jedi Mind Fuck", "B+", "Penis Envy". The jars were just shook up yesterday, everything looking healthy, should get exciting quick. Once I see how they all behave, I'll pick a favorite or two and clone them. I do wish I had some Natalensis spores to try out.. although they look almost too easy. I don't have much of a bucket list, but growing Pan Cyans is on the list!

If I had just a little more diligence last time around, I would've made culture slants and right now I would be growing clones with known characteristics instead of multi-spores. Oh well, starting from scratch, test tubes on the way for culture slants this time.


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One week later, ropy rhizomorphic action everywhere. I think the FAE holes on the lids should be jus a lil bigger, otherwise all other conditions seem favorable. All jars have their worst side facing camera, most are solid white on the back. :d

And.... to my surprise, I have some volunteers for cloning at just 3 weeks in two of the petri dishes! 😁 I've never grown the Tidal Waves before, but they certainly seem aggressive. I love cloning but it just sucks not knowing if these are potent or not. Need a little Alice to test it for me hmm.

TBH, getting a bit overwhelmed with too much going on at once, otherwise I'd already have those fruit bodies transferred to new petris - oh and forgive the painter's tape, at the time I was out of parafilm, but it worked in a pinch.


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Looking goood in there! Healthy grain jars, I am looking forward to see the tubs :).

Plate pins are a good sign and from what I have heard Tidal Wave tends to be potent.
It's like walking down the candy aisle as a kid (and as an adult).

I had an awesome closet set up once that I was very, very proud of. But that's not a closet my friend, that's a 1 bedroom apartment haha! The jars look fantastic. Are you moving them to mono tubs? You might need a bigger boat.

Also, how is the airflow in there? I'm assuming since you said grow room, it's purpose will be for inoculation, colonization, spawning and fruiting all in one room?

Super jealous, can't wait to see the results.
What you see has been in the works gradually over a long time, now really happy to see plans coming into fruition. I don't have any other location set up for fruiting, I wish I did, as I'll need to lower temps at least for short periods of time for primordia formation, and that's not ideal for the spawn run.. but it'll have to work. So yeah, bring in sterilized goods from outside the room and everything else is done inside the room.

Airflow is great, constantly running 24x36 HEPA with merv 14 pre-filter, and I have the air intake set up as adjustable from within the room and from outside the room, so can alter amount of fresh air pretty easily. Currently I'm keeping room at 79-81°F and 65-95% humidity, which fluctuates with temp and humidity of outside air... plan for now is to start with monotubs, but I may end up sealing up each shelf section instead so I can just use trays. IDK, will be some trial & error experimenting going on.. and now I've got spores from 4 different Panaeolus Cyanescens I want to try for first time, which require more specialized setup and I think I'll need to ditch idea of keeping entire room constantly at high humidity when it comes time to fruit those.

Whatever it is that makes them happy, I hope they talk to me!:twisted:
2023/1/31 Log entry: a record of some tinkering

The grow room has been altered considerably, starting with removal of the wood shelves and replacing with wire metal shelves for better space utilization and mold vector reduction.

I've recently researched growing methods for Panaeolus cyanescens, I couldn't resist making my own attempt; I've never had pans and I really want to see what the hype is all about. I no longer have room for monotubs and putting all my eggs in the martha tent basket - fingers crossed that the cubensis can be happy in same environment.

The general concept comes from Jake Oncid's pan grow tutorial, with some personalized alterations. Humidification comes from house of hydro ultrasonic atomizer in a 15 gallon stainless stock pot. I wanted stainless because I'm using UV light for sterilization and the reflectivity of the stainless aids in UV effectiveness. The atomizer comes with a float, but I'm not using it; instead the water is kept at constant, optimal level via float valve. 120mm fan on lid feeds fresh air and forces mist out the two Ø4" hoses feeding top of tents. 120mm fan at bottom of each tent pulls air down and exhausts out - trash bag around bottom shelves aids in routing air to exhaust fan. A repeating cycle timer outlet feeds delay timer relays that control the on/off of fans and mister. LED ribbon lights cycle through colors, 12/12 on/off.

I cut the vertical posts that come with the martha tent so that the bottom shelf is 5" off the floor and the other shelves are closer together to deal with my low ceiling. Everything works, but there's too much airflow - speed controllers on fans should fix this. It's interesting how the room is right at 80°F for mycelium incubation, but the tents stabilized at 75°F which is perfect for fruiting, I suppose the cooler temp comes from the evaporation of the mist. I'm mostly happy with results, but I'm worried about water accumulation at bottom of tents.. perhaps some seedling heating mats underneath would ameliorate or at least mitigate water pooling.

Of course the fungi have the final word on success, and I'm quite excited to see how they like it. Years ago I've taken some colonized substrate out of monotubs and put in a barn, and to my delight the fruits grew much larger than I've ever seen in monotubs - more FAE, generally lower humidity, and they THRIVED (until it got a little too dry). I'm hoping these martha tents emulate what they like... I've read plenty about pans needing modification from normal cubensis grow parameters, but I wonder if there's any reason the cubies won't be happy in ideal pan grow parameters???


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Wowwwwwww the atomizer is awesome! I can't wait to follow along with all this! I'm sure the pans and cubies will get along just fine. But as you said, the fungus will have the final say. Your jars are a sight to behold as well. Congratulations on getting your closet up and running! It just looks like a great place to be. A happy place.
It makes me sad that I haven't kept up with documentation of the grow process here, but below are couple pics of my first successful Panaeolus Cyanescens (Peace River) and first ever Psilocybe Natalensis grows.

These last two grows have been more rewarding in a way that's got me emotional about needing to tear down the grow setup very soon to shift focus on life/career move, just when the myco grow situation got to a pinnacle for me.. that's after waiting several weeks for Natalensis spores that were gifted straight from South Africa and seeing their curious traits and awesome results (heavy producer, beautiful white with lots of bluing...) and with the Pans I've had more failures than I can count up til this grow, and both I know will provide special experiences.

By the way, to those that have seen too many of my grow pics I've posted in chat, I realize it may have been a little in a childish attention-hog style and you've probably seen enough, but please understand I'm just so grateful to have been able to do this growing and the nexus community seems to connect better than shroomery with understanding what it means to work at the research, trial and errors and execution of various extractions etc, and be rewarded by creating for ourselves a chance to explore parts of life that end up being a means to grow in ways that would never happen without these "tools". What I'm trying to say is, I'm so grateful to you all and my excitement with these grows has to soon come to an end, so it's like I have an ephemeral bubble of emotional high and here is the only place I can let it out!


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I'm sorry that I've fallen behind on this. It's pretty amazing and you're doing great. I can't wait to have a canopy of my own that looks as dense as some of yours. Those cyans look divine. Have you tried any of them yet? Something that I have yet to venture towards myself.

Keep it up :thumb_up:

One love
Artificer... I have never and will never get sick of seeing pictures of your mushroom cultivation adventures. And boy oh boy oh boy did you deliver. Those look absolutely fantastic. I know how much you wanted those pans to be a success and those are some beautiful looking tubs.

It's no wonder why they look so happy. You gave them such an awesome home. A dedicated closet, a giant atomizer, pretty lights, and a lot of love and care.

I'll echo what you said. You're right, this place is definitely a different breed than TheShroomery as I was a very avid member there during my cultivation days, and of all places, the people I've met at the Nexus, people like you, have inspired me to start up a grow again. So I totally get how bummed you feel having to put it away for a bit. But... isn't that great? That you love it so much that you're sad to see the chapter end? It's just a chapter though... a chapter in a super dope book, and one day I'm sure you'll whip up another batch and get excited all over again. Good luck with the career switch and taking some time for your life, I know that process all too well! Best not be a stranger though!

Again, great job, beautiful pics, super jealous of that awesome closet and set up, but it gives me something to aspire to on my next grow, and isn't that what it's all about? Learn. Share. Expand.
Mitakuye Oyasin said:
Mmmmmm fungus porn.
Voidmatrix said:
I'm sorry that I've fallen behind on this. It's pretty amazing and you're doing great. I can't wait to have a canopy of my own that looks as dense as some of yours. Those cyans look divine. Have you tried any of them yet? Something that I have yet to venture towards myself.
no worries! I just ate 2.2g fresh to dip my toes in, and give myself some confidence before embarking on really wild ride and getting in that panic attack loop "maybe these were poisonous" hehe

One thing I am intent on is having two different trips sometime soon, one with the pans, one with the natalensis, and compare them here. I have feeling the natalensis are going to be something quite special too....

Toshido said:
Artificer... I have never and will never get sick of seeing pictures of your mushroom cultivation adventures. And boy oh boy oh boy did you deliver. Those look absolutely fantastic. I know how much you wanted those pans to be a success and those are some beautiful looking tubs.
Thank you! I did put forth my diligence, but I'm not going to pretend it was all skill, there was definitely a portion of luck/universe helping make it happen. Definitely warms my heart something special :love:
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