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defat as first step..

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does anyone do it?? Reason I am asking is because this elf I know has been using chaliponga for almost all of his extractions, except for a few phalaris and mimosa..just seems easier if he could start by defatting the dry powder leaf, and then go S/B from there..easier to just pour off the naptha from the leaf than to have to seperate layers, and he doesnt have to simmer in water this way..his only concern is if any of the alkaloid salts in chaliponga are soluble in naptha? He enjoys full alkaloid extractions of chali so doesnt want to lose that synergy..

He is also getting some mimosa rootbark to extract from, it was the sourse of his first ever DMT experience but has used chali since because its what he had in aya and he really likes the effects per yield, cuz of 5meo..
Would FASA work with un-defatted leaves?

Even if it did carry over some oils, defatting the fumarate salts at the end would mean you were dealing with WAAAY less material, which could make life easier.

just a thought...
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