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Defat with naphtha a good idea?

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When it comes to extractions everyone says different things. It is understandable that many factors come into play when extracting dmt and that's why people have different conclusions.

I have read adding warm naphtha to the powdered bark before putting it into the base water will get rid of a lot of the impurities that can come with it.

Can people confirm this to be true? All the people who have had success with it, please don't be scared to respond. I ask because i have read in a few places that it can cause a lower yield. Thanks!

I have had success using the "dry defat" and thought it was worthwhile for me but it didn't pull a whole lot of fat out of powdered MHRB simply because there isn't that much in MHRB or at least, the batch of root bark I had didn't have much fat in it. However, for other kinds of root bark such as Desmanthus it will pull much more fat out but most people are not working with that plants root bark. Also, much depends upon how finely powdered your root bark is.

I believe the general consensus for MHRB is don't bother.


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Good stuff. I will keep that in mind when i do my next extraction in a few days (need to order more bark). No harm in trying it i guess. Thanks for the responses!
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