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I had an interesting experience last night. So I smoked a normal size dose (I don't weigh but lay it out on a dime). I got a pretty good hit but I didn't go to the normal head space that I usually experience. I did have minor open eye visuals but nothing like dmt -- more like lsd or mushrooms. At the time, I really wasn't willing to try it again, i just got off work and I needed to take a shower. So in the shower I thought it would be fun to leave the lights off in the shower and see if anything developed. I assumed nothing would and nothing did at first, but when I closed my eyes I began to have fairly intense visuals. not of the extremely overwhelming type but dmt like visuals nonetheless... this was like 15 minutes after smoking and I would guess it lasted for another 20 minutes.

I did take some yohimbe (which is a weak maoi) earlier in the day. is it possible that this potentiated my experience, or at least made it last a little longer? I have to say it was nothing like dmt, more like lsd or say shrooms. Very pleasuable and interesting. has anyone here experienced anything similar?
Yeah I bet it was the MAOI effect from the yohimbe. I keep meaning to try that (DMT+MAOI) but i've not been able to get the nerve up to do it.
MAOI+DMT is not more intense (a little less in fact), just more pleasant.

I highly recomend it...it is like having the experience melt over you instead of being shot at a million miles an hour into it. VERY PLEASANT! Remember to adjust your dose down though. 30mgs is plenty when mixed with an maoi. Rue extract works wonderfully, as dose a good brew of caapi.
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