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Desmanthus leptolobus seed harvesting

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Hi there,

a little leptolobus plant is flowering and I am unsure when to harvest the seedpods.
I can imagine that at some point the seedpods open them self's and throw the seeds around? Or is this not the case?

Can anybody enlighten me when might be the best point to harvest seeds and how?
Should one cut the pods when they start to get dry?
In my experience the seedpods will not break open (dehisce) on their own while on the plant.
I simply let the pods grow until they turn brown and dry on the plant, collect, and open by hand.
If you were to harvest when the seeds pods are nearly done, turning darker but still a bit green, and allow to dry inside, I think they may still be viable, but seem to be a bit immature and a little less healthy than the fully formed seeds when the pods are completely brown and dried.

Ideally this stage or a little later. I tend to let them dry out even further on the plant. (from the Desmanthus Workspace Thread)
For me they did start to split open on the sides on some but not all seed pods when over-mature. The seeds are not propelled but they can fall and can get wet in rain.
I harvested when the seed pods were brown and drying, as in the above picture or shortly after.
Thanks you both! That helps me a lot. Looking forward to the seedpod forming now.

I was totally surprised how easy this plant grows if it gets enough soil, sun and water.
No problem with surviving the frost neither. I tried to grow it under artificial light several times with no success. But when started outside it thrives happily and easy even in a pot.

A lovely little plant.
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