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Desmanthus Leptolobus

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It's really fun there.

Also I like your name, based on Justin Case?
I know it might not work but I am going to try...


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Justintime said:
Been having a lot of fun looking for these and other types of plants. Here are some pics and will have other updates soon (;;;
Wow! I have been looking for these!!
Plenty of DI in West TN but I have yet to find these.
Are you sure this is D. leptolobus? It looks very familiar but the leaves are a bit different from what I'm used to and more so the seed pod is very different.

Attached is a picture of confirmed D. leptolobus


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I still see differences in the dried seedpods compared to pictures on Trout's Notes and from my own plants.

I suspect this might be another species of Desmanthus.


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I'm sorry this plant was not D. leptolobus. Now I know what to be looking for and will be hunting for this plant.
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