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did anyone see this yet

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hey guys i found this article from yesterday Police say 1st seizure of the drug DMT possible in Leask, Sask. | Globalnews.ca i like to look for DMT in the news so i can look for any new discoveries or advances but this is just crazy!!
"CFSEU officials said DMT, N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, is considered a powerful hallucinogenic tryptamine drug and users will mix it with various types of controlled substances, such as methamphetamine."
REALLY?? :!: just thought i'd share this find and hope it acts as a reminder how important it is to use and possess this substance with responsibility because they will paint it bad every chance they get
hello brother:grin:
all over the world, making preposterous claims about drugs is what he police does, mixing dmt and meth would cause effects that no one i am committed to say would enjoy, and its not economically logical to cut meth with dmt anyway, so another bullshit report over misinformation or misinterpretation and misplaced assumptions by cops.
I seriously wonder how these people come up with the stuff they put in their articles. They must be just making shit up. I've literally never heard of anyone combining DMT with meth.

You guys should read the news forum over at Shroomery. The articles that pop up there are just astounding. Everything from complete misinformation to outrageous "street values" and just the whole nine. It really is amusing from one perspective but also sad because people actually believe them. It's amazing that you can say anything about a topic with a stigma around it and people will believe it if it's printed in an "official" format like a newspaper.

And the articles just keep coming and coming. It removes all doubt that there is indeed an agenda at work here.
That article showed up in my Gmail alerts. There were two related to this bust. One had a file photo of a needle and spoon above the article. I found that but of visual hyperbole pretty offensive.

And yes that line from the article regarding meth is pretty lame, however it's not an untruth. Just because most of us are conscious and respectful doesn't mean everyone is. The jerks getting busted also had meth.

Unfortunately, there's very little real journalism these days, only parroting party lines and not offending advertisers.
A common trend among the crappy articles is the amount of people in the comments calling out the article for its BS. The well informed individual are often better journalists than actual journalists. That gives me hope.

I like this video.

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