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Dieting Cacao

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Last night, I got the inspiration to start dieting Cacao. Apparently has a good synergy with Cayenne, so I added a little bit of it with two heaped teaspoons of Cacao. Was disappointed that I didn't have any Cardamon, because that apparently also works nicely.

The effects are nothing less than invigorating, quite different to caffeine for sure, but just as energizing in a curious way! Now that I can appreciate it on it's own, I can see why it's great! I definitely felt the psychoactivity of it! My mind felt... on a different plane, so to speak, like I was half here and half there.

Can you consume too much? Any recommendations for a long-term dieta? At some point, I may consider a full-fledged Cacao dieta for a while.
Very nice, cacao is indeed an ally. Great to mix with cayenne considering those rich levels of xanthines and capsinoids. In excess, cacao and cayenne can cause a myriad of effects. A lot of which is controlling heart rate, cardio, alertness, etc. Theobromine is known to have a long half-life in your system so being aware of other psychoactives is good measure. SNS(stimulation) among many other effects are caused by the cayenne.

A handful or two a day should be ample. I like the nibs but whole cacao beans are quite a pleasurably delight, on the other hand. :) Enjoy! Balance is key in any long term dieting commitment.
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