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Differences between Re-x and Sodium Carbonate wash effects

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Does anyone know if there are any significant differences in the effects on the purity of spice from doing a sodium carbonate wash versus a recrystallization? They both remove impurities. Is it redundant to do both or is only one or the other needed? Thanks.
both are just methods of cleaning up the product. Re-crystallization is superior, in chemistry it is the simplest and most effective way to obtain a highly pure product. Washing is more of a standard work up that you do in preparation for a re-x. In this case, to remove traces of basified bark or other aqueous impurities. The less crap going into the re-x, the better.
That makes sense. Thanks! My main concern is getting rid of the lye/bark solution out of the solvent. Re-x is good at doing this too?

So let me ask you this. What would be better, one sc wash followed by a re-x or two re-x with no sc wash? I also see a lot of people over looking a slow tempurature change for re-x, e.g., cooling at room temp, then in refrigerator, then in freezer. Is this overrated and unnecessary or does it really produce much cleaner crystals?

Thanks again for the info!
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