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Different way to vape?

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I read Plants of the Gods about 10 years ago. Never had the chance to try DMT until last week. I made a new friend last summer and was casually talked about psychedelics. I asked him what his first psychedelic he had tried was. He said DMT. He told me it changed his life. He had been a jock in high school, but had given that all up. I told him my first was acid and had never tried DMT.
Flash forward to last week, I was over to a different friends house hanging out when he shows up. Starts telling people that he had a fresh batch of DMT and asked us if we wanted to "blast off".
I had wanted to try DMT forever after reading about it. I took a huge hit and did break through. I thought I had died and it scared the crap out of me.

Anyway, I have read up on how people vape DMT on here and can't find any reference to how my friend does it. He has some kind of pipe that he used to vape the DMT. The pipe is glass about 8 inches long and about 1 inch in diameter. One end is reduced down like a funnel end to a skinny tube opening. So the pipe is kind of like a funnel shape. 7 inches are 1 inch wide and the final 1 inch narrows down to about an 1/8 inch skinny tube. In the middle of the main body of the pipe are two indentions to place your fingers into to hold the pipe. I have no idea where he got this pipe. So to use it, he takes a big plumbers propane torch and heats the end of the pipe that is very narrow until the glass is glowing hot. The dose of DMT is in a different glass cup almost like a petri dish but smaller. Once the end of the pipe is hot, you take that end and place it into the cup with the DMT and sweep across the DMT melting and vaping it. You suck up the vapors through the other end of the pipe as the DMT melts/vapes. No flame touches the DMT only the hot glass end of the pipe.

Does anyone know what kind of pipe he is using? I have not found anyone else doing DMT like he does. Totally different method than anything I have read on here. What kind of pipe is it?
Personally, I prefer quartz banger which fits in to any glass bong:


Or if you want no mess then dissolve dmt in vg or pg and vape it with an ecig device, can get hundreds of hits with no need to reload
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