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diplopterys plants , varieties and propagation.

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ufa yage chiga ña
hello , i am giovanni from colombia , here we use yage (banisteriopsis sp and diplopterys sp) some species are relative different by factors like altitude , la titude , ph and other factors
here i am a collector of different sources of ethnobotanical species , so here i try to propagate some species of diplopterys used in yage ceremonies , so i can start wit the varieties of diplopterys
Punta de lanza (sparehead) : maybe diplopterys pubipetala : it have lanceolated leaves , grows like a vine at diference of other species and its very strong , to propagate it needs sand-lime with high drainage of the soil , and humidity tramp
arcoiris (rainbow) : dilopterys sp: maybe cabrerana , its a ovalated leaves plants and grows like a brush is a malpihiaceae plant with nectaries in te folium of the plant , hard to propagate , needs shadow and the same sand-lime soil
blue turkey : defenetly diplopterys cabrerana : the most used variety to prepare yage , with high potency in its leaves , so it grows with cuttings by vertycal plantation , it needs cold soil and shadow , some times needs rooting hormones .
pinta guacamaya (guacamaya paint) : it means that have many colors , never bloom , grows like a brush , needs rooting hormone , some times is rare to find it and hardly to propagate with low rate of rooting .
yage espiritu (maybe tetrapterys sp) it means yage spirit , some times confused with banisteriopsis campestris or yellow caapi by its yellow flowers , its hard to propagate , its a vine itsnt used in the yage ritual today


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Homo Trypens said:
Lovely pictures!

May they root fast and strong for you :)
thank you brother i hope that you enjoy the images , so today im going to show some pics of the seeds and the flowers , so we start
about the propagation isn´t easy like caapi because it wood is very hard and need a green part to grow the roots , yage uco means wather yage and it is a reference of diflopterys grows in a side of a river , other question that i have is that i dont know what variety is that and if is only cabrerana , so , diplopterys are too many species and cabrerana hace some varieties like blue turkey , danta , guarne , orito , puerto asis , guacamaya and other diplopterys species like yakuchagro , chagro , chagro negro , pinta tigre i dont know whar species are


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so i hace some pother varieties where i am propagating with some techniques that they sprout some leaves , the other varieties of diplopterys i have is
pinta tigre
pinta guacamaya
pinta arcoiris (not sure if is d.cab)


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