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dipped my toes in the water.

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Since this is a report of my first time using DMT let me start by saying.. i have a lot of experience with mushrooms. thats it.. i have never done any other psychedellics before.. until now.

I began preparing for the experience by building myself a comfy safe nest in my spare basement bedroom. set up a bunch of pillows in an arrangement that would allow me to be partially elevated. I thought about whether i should lock the door or not, if i die tonight i dont want them to have to break in the door to find me, so i left it unlocked. I measured out 10mg and loaded it into my "machine" pipe that i built from a clear neer bottle. heated the sides gently until the spice melted doen into the stainless mesh.. crawled under the covers, propped myself up. heart pounding.. it time!
i lit the lighter and leaned over the emergency pan and began inhaling. i tasted a bit of burnt spice so i backed off the flame a bit until it smoothed out as i was inhaling and took it in until there was no more vapor.... No going back now! i felt my feet tingle hairs on the arm felt electrified.. closed my eyes and there they were! very dim fractals surrounded by larger circles.. they began spinning a bit. i opened my eyes and they were mostly gone. closed my eyes again and the fractals were much brighter and spinning a bit faster. I had a all over pleasurable body feeling and i laid there and enjoyed it for what i can only believe is 2 or 3 miniutes.. time is going to be subjective from here on out in the story.. I decided i would like to go deeper. i opened the eyes and sat up the feeling was similar to that of drunkenness but different. more like the body was drunk but my mind was clear. i carefully measured out 50mg of spice and loaded it into the machine,, melted it in, then got comfy again. took one big hit and held it in.. it was hard but i held it as long as possible. took a few deep breaths and hit it again took in as much as my lungs could hold.. this is where things started to go from extreme tosomething more. im laying there trying to remember how to exhale! or did i already? you need one more! kept coming to my head,, but i waited too long i can feel or sense that my body is going away.. i quickly laid down the machine and laid back.. fractals are now intense! are my eyes open? not sure? i tried to force myself to see the physical world and opened them and see a few foreign things that dont belong like a shelf..ok eyes are opened.. soo now i will shut them. i would like to explain the colors i was seeing, but i am color blind and i dont have the words for all of them! intense fractals intense light spinning swirling very geometrical. i start to focus on the spaces between them.. what is there? may i go explore? suddenly one of the tiny holes opens up and pulls me in. im now in another space. there is no up or down or anything. the fractals have now changed to organic forms swirling moving into itself the about 2/3 of my vision is very dark and foreboding ones while the laft side is quite bright and beautiful. then an entity with a triangular face peers out of the dark ones. he looks a bit out of plave being angular among all the organic almost aquatic forms. He doesnt speak but gives me a feeling.. i will try to put it into words.. what are you doing here? what are your intentions? the vibe was likea menacing security guard... I said i would like to explore the light if that is ok!
apparently that answer was somewhat acceptable and the dark clouds receded a bit and i was able to focus on the bright ones.. there was one particular one that caught my attention,, it was a creamy color and as it got closer to me it became encrusted with diamonds and gems. closer closer!! I then panicked. and was back in my body to take a breath.. i instantly went back and the entity had moved a bit further away.. it bathed me in the most intense feeling of love that could possibly be imagined! it started moving closer im smiling soo happy i ask to see more! its right on top of me! im about to move in and become one with it! Suddenly i feel the need to take another breath. entity backs away im losing it.. I feel soo rejected the love is still there but im heartbroken! It tells me that it still loves me but i am not ready to go further yet but i will be soon! this helps calm me down a bit and slowly all the other entities fade away and its just me and my bright one left. it morphs into what i can only describe as the hindu god Ganesha.. mostly purple..its texture was almost like a living gummy bear. it said to tell Pandora hello.(Pandora is the person who is alway in our chat room). we just spent time together in the void after that a lifetime? a few minutes? what is time.. i feel that there was a lot shared here that i do not recall. slowly i start to feel my body again.. i feel the most intense need for a hug ever! i attempt to hug myself! my hands are sweaty covers feel luxurious.. every emotion all at once!.. i open my eys thinking its all over... nope! there is a dragon mural on the wall in the room it starts to wriggled then moves out and faces me next to the bed and starts to do a mesmerizing dance! soo beautiful! this slowly fades,I need to write this down!! but my journal is waay over there! thats not happening. so i make a few voice notes. ok body is working again and i made my way back upstairs to the PC and jumped on the Nexian chat to share.. at first i wasnt sure if i was back or not, but the great people there gave me virtual hugs and talked me through the last bit of the process!

Wow, what a great first experience. I was impressed with your ability to somewhat navigate through hyperspace by making requests. That has never worked well for me.

Regarding coming back to breath. Yeah, that is a temptation, but if you can trust the body and try to forget your breath (let go), or even embrace the idea that one does not need a breath or heartbeat to be comfortable in hyperspace, you might get deeper results.

LOL @ your entity telling you to say Hi to me. I guess I'm fairly well known in hyperspace. Or more realistic, you may have thought of me because we chatted so much and I tried hard to do the impossible - prepare you for the experience.

Regarding grabbing those oh so elusive memories of oh so intense an experience ... yes keep your journal right next to you. Also, here's a little trick:

If you are willing to sacrifice a minute or two of the pleasure of the comedown this is a GREAT time to begin memory consolidation. Obviously so much is coming at us we have to cherry pick. For me it usually goes something like this, "Started dark with a spinning flower, fell into a valley, was in a brightly lit space with a crocodile entity that examined me, then drifted to a room with . . ."

I repeat this several times to lock it in. Then when I can move I start journalling. The first draft is just that. More memories typically come to me within the next 36 hours and when they do I buff up that journal entry.

You had an impressive initiation and I'm really looking forward to future reports, be they mushrooms or DMT. Thank you so much for sharing.
Yes i can definately see how your name might have crept in due to our chats! For those reading this Pandora pretty much lives in the chat room at the top of the page! she and everybody else in there have been soo helpful to me throughout this journey! it is an excellent source to come and share,, or just talk about your day! And to Pandora specifically Thank you from the bottom of my heart! you are my official online trip sitter!
Nice first dmt experience FAFO. it took me about a week to work up the courage to really go for it, so your brave for going at it on the second experience :) im glad you had a good trip.
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