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Dirt naps

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Can you include a picture? For the life of me, i can't figure out what you've got going on from your post.
I've never seen naps do anything but get cloudy yellow. If it's as dark as you say that could only be a result of very sloppy removal of the nps layer if it's AC or MHRB.

Also when you described the acid cook and the sludge later, I'm not very clear on that. Of course the plant material would settle, it doesn't emulsify or dissolve into solution

I'm sorry if I'm too dense to understand, but can you perhaps clarify?
Hey Null.

It wasn't a sloppy removal of the naps layer, this was when it was still in the vessel after being swirled/turned-settle 5 times.

The sludge would be as you said, all the plant material settling down the bottom, I probably shouldn't have heated it up and stirred it back into the soup, none the less, I have resolved the issue with the mini a/b! What a wonderful step it is!

Thanks for taking the time Null24, i'll make sure that if im asking question in future, i'll describe it better and try to provide pictures if necessary.
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