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Dear fellow psychonauts,

I'm new here and I want to tell a litte about myself. I'm from the Netherlands. Age 34.

First encounter with to potential of psychedelics:
Of course familiar with substances like mushrooms and mdma since my teens. 3 years ago, however, I came to know the psychological power of Iboga. It was at a moment in my life where I couldn't see myself living any longer than a year, for the stuggles I had with life.
This experience helped me opening up A LOT, connecting my core and everything I am with the people around me. Now life is amazing to me. I'm totally fascinated by it. Fascinated by the energy which flows through the Universe, and through me. Fascinated on aligning with this flow of energy. Psychedelics are an amazing tool in this.

Direction in life is set:
Since then I've also had a few experiences with Ayahuasca. And also, I very much like to share my experience with people around me. Ones I fascilitad an Iboga session for a friend of mine, which was very special to do. And now, I'm trying to make a descent Aya-brew. My first attempt failed to deliver any effects. Now, a second brew is in my fridge. Waiting for the right moment. I very much know and feel, I want to life the psychedelic way.

Joining you guys
Joining this community is important to me. Sharing, learning and contributing to this topic is like travelers helping each other out, showing the way. Discussing things to illuminate them. I'm quiete a novice, and I hope I can learn a great deal here. I have questions to ask, to help me get started. But I'm eager to share my gained insights.

First question
My very first question would be if some of you would rate and evaluate my brews by shown pictures I took of a Caapi and a Chacruna brew I made (3x3h-tek)(and haven't consumed yet). A specific question about them, is wether I should discard the sediment or keep it. What would you say?

Keep it real!


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A little addition.

1. I hope combining my self introduction with a straight forward question isn't inappropriate

2. About my question on the brews. Can you descibe what a proper brew should look like? Or.. post a picture of a proper brew?
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