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DMT and Drum Circles

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Harvie Krumpet
I've been listening to Eastern music more often in the past few months. What started as casually listening to "Indian Classic Radio" on pandora.com has culminated in me getting a djembe for this upcoming Christmas, looking for lesson books and watching youtube videos of djembe rhythms. I want to be a good djembe player.

My girlfriend is getting me the djembe for Christmas, and SWIM is already fantasizing about low-dose freebase sessions while in a drum circle or participating in a drum circle while on pharmahuasca. He is interested in how the beats and rhythms will affect his perceptions of hyperspace. But he is wondering if it can negatively affect the experience as well. Maybe the excess noise would only make the experience more confusing and chaotic. Or maybe not.

Has anyone had experience with DMT and drum circles? SWIM has played on a djembe while on 2C-I and had a wonderful time; perhaps the right dose of pharmahuasca could make for an even better experience. Has anyone dosed while in a drum circle and had a good/bad time?
Head to the pirate bay and download some traditional native american music. Put on some head phones and break thru. If your anything like me you'll never smoke the spice again without it. I feel that DMT is but one piece of the equation. When you put yourself into the environment from which it came it makes far more sense. Sometimes I worry we are taking the spice out of context and thus the reason we dont really understand it as well as we would wish.
Experiment for yourself man and see what works for you. I have a djembe and will say when combined with mushrooms or LSD it is really quite epic. I swear I'm also better at playing under the influence of these substances, and it's quite cool having the potential to positively affect other people's experiences and trance them out while playing. I also highly recommend experimenting with a good didgeridoo. Outside, under the stars, in nature by a fire seems a particularly fitting environment in which to play. 😉
I basically lived in a drum circle for years on the beach..all I did was sit in the cirlce tripping on mushrooms, and skimboard, like every day..after work, weekends etc..I have smoked DMT in drum circles and it can be great as long as eveyone else understands what you are doing..hard to play though while peaking on a large dose..ayahuasca is really great also for this kind of thing..
I never have group changa sessions without preloading everyone with some kind of acoustic instrument! Percussion works great. Then, everyone holds musical space for the traveler... one of the best ways to go, be cared for, and welcomed home. :)
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