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DMT and Health

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I'd like to raise a new topic regarding dmt an it's health effects (if any) both physically and mentally. Now I have never smoked dmt but I have had numerous dmt potions and it's effects on my health have been all positive.

Alot of studies have been done on ayahuasca and it's total rehabilation of violent alcoholics and other serious disorders and it's general healing effects of both mind and body.

There was also a post in a forum I read a while back about a chronic meth user who was on the brink of schizophrenia, hearing voices, delusional thought patterns etc.

Well his friend thought that dmt might help him so he loaded a full bowl of dmt for him, he asked his friend what it was and his friend told him it was some other drug like meth so as to get him to smoke it.

Well after he toked the whole thing and had the whole hyperdimensional experience he came back down and to his amazement, no more hearing voices or delusional thoughts, all cleared up and he hasn't had them since! :D

I will try to find the post and the forum where I read this from and I will post it later.

I used to binge drink heaps on weekends and smoke cigs but since my DMT voyages I have stopped both completely and never want to go back to them.

I also feel more upbeat, focused and generally happier since my DMT experiences. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed any positive ( or negative ) health effects from using DMT.
Have done aya only once way back in 1991,and a smoked DMT blast is ,although extremely intense,to short lived .Been doing it for a whole year now,and still have to learn to master navigating this hyperspace.As it is now it takes me where it wants.But mushrooms ,which I've been dooing for about 28 years are a different story.I have succeeded a couple healings on myself with them.Psilosin being basically orally avtive DMT I find is very similar to that aya experience in 1991 in Iquitos Peru.Right now I've got a tube in my arm to administer myself IV antibiotics for an infected leg caused by a knee injury and surgery.My foot is swollen like a watermelon and although I'm using Anytibiotics IV three times a day the swelling is almost the same going down extremely slow.It's been like that for a week now.And guess what?I lost all contacts to get shrooms and haven't done any since a year ago.A year ago I had the same exact infection in the same foot but it was for an ankle surgery plus streptocaccus got in making it a mega infection.They told me it would take up to two weeks for the swelling to go down.I went home and ate 4 grams of dry cubes, and did it again the next day.On the third day the swelling was completely gone and so was the pain.While in the trance all I had to do was ask for my foot to be healed and wham! Instant(almost) recovery The doctor didn't know what to believe when she saw me a couplr days later at a follow up appointment.She says"that's amazing! how did you get your foot to de-swell so incredibly fast?" I said "I willed the infection away after eating some shrooms.she looked at me like I was crazy with that look and remained skeptical being trained to push synthetic drugs for multinational pharmaceutical corporations
dmt & health ... good topic & here are a couple thoughts based on experience ... 1'st, i've felt that physically ingesting dmt raises my blood pressure , sometimes dramatically... my 1st experience with dmt was smoked in a very large dosage ... 1st thing i heard was a ringing ... could it be that the often reported "whistling type, ringing, musical sound" that comes with the intricate dmt flash is due to rushing blood through your ears? i personally felt an alarming uncomfortable feeling that i latter attributed to "high blood pressure" maybe whopping high, i don't know, but i was scared enough to get a check up by a physician the following week & it turns out i'm in great health for my age ... point is that dmt mess's with your physical body? ... now, mentally it was so profound that after the 1s't time , i was really kind of freaked out for about one week after .. i really felt like i saw "god", or "something",i was upset & spent a whole lot of time philosophizing ... now i know not to do that to myself,and i don't try to figure dmt out at all, i let the dmt take me were it wants to take me on any particular trip, and don't seek out anything "profound" ... sometimes it is really beautiful & loving, sometimes it is freaky & frightening ...
yes ... breathing a whole lot, or almost like not at all ...usually after the 1'st rush ... then, when i settle in i try to center myself to gain contoll of my breath's
Quantum, that's interesting about you overcoming your illness with sheer willpower and entheogens, just goes to show that mind and matter are interconnected and most likely the same thing.

Aoxoa, regarding your trip descriptions about sometimes it being scary, other times it being loving. I wonder if it is really random luck where you end up in hyperspace, sometimes you might end up with a bunch of benevolent entities, other times you pop up in the wrong end of town? :p

Or is it that since a person is made up of yin and yang energies maybe you are tapping into different sides of yourself, both the good and the bad?

Oh yeah, I found the forum post about the dmt healing, it was from bluelight:

Here's an excerpt from before he tried dmt:

A good friend of mine is in town for a few weeks. He is 35, and just in the last year he went on a meth binge for a few days at least, which seemed to trigger the typical paranoid schizophrenia. Its wierd because he's not in his early 20's - never had any problem before and it was never psychedelics, it was the meth and being awake.

He's currently on an anti-psychotic, geodon/ziprasidone. Overall he's doing great, I asked him about the voices in his head, its mostly just around white noise and not that often anymore. He told me tonight occasionally he'll see a rat or something run across the room that isn't there (also said he thinks the rat thing might be because during the meth binge he lived in a place with a rat problem).

Now, I don't just guess - i kinda expect, a small toke of DMT, if it happens to be when he hears any voices, they will stop. I'll be suprised if it doesn't actually. I have felt the most 'schizo' when i have been up for too long one weekend partying, and someone offered lines of MDA to everyone. Everyone who snorted some MDA was getting the "shadow people", voices, where it is like there are people around you but no one is there, voices etc.

I remember we'd just toke a little DMT once in a while, and *poof* gone. All the voices, shadow people, gone, straight sober.

He does want to try smoking some, small hit first etc. I'm wondering if anyone else has symptoms like he does now like voices in his head etc. They used to be bad - people would have to tell him, tell the voices fuck you haha, then he said he was asking one of the female voices out on a date (he had 4 voices, different personalities kinda). Anyway he's doing good right now (although he's less animated than his normal self, almost looks like his jaw/mouth doesn't move like normal I don't know if its the anti-psychotic or what) - he ignores the voices and they are rarely there/in the background/etc.

And here's after he tried it:


Tonight was a special night.. brought a 1/2g DMT over with my friend and some others, hung out. I didnt even realise he picked up the pipe and toked it, and he toked it BIG.

He got up and walked around, at first said i dont like this, then, later said this is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.. then, afterwards, he said he's never felt this normal, in fact, he feels BETTER THAN HE EVER HAS. He hasn't felt himself since the start of the schizo period, and always has this 'feeling' in the back of his head - all the time - that the voices "could" come out, well thats feeling is gone.

He said it is like all the pieces of his mind are back together now..

One huge hit, *poof*. I'm very happy about this, for tonight and who knows how long he is 'cured' of "schizophrenia", it'll be interesting to see if this did the trick and its gone for good or just temporary, but I think smoking DMT whenever (if) it comes back instead of popping the awful "band-aid" anti-psychotics is a lot better.

If this goes well maybe he can wean off the anti-psychotic (which doesn't even stop the voices) eventually, and use psychedelic sessions etc, to 'cure' this thing for good.

Its been an incredible night...
good morning black clover 8) ... yes i do belive that mine, or anyone's dmt experience will reflect their own "mental" yin & yang ...

i do not belive that dmt can cure anything, though :roll:
i do not belive that dmt can cure anything, though :roll:

Oh you'd be surprized.South American Shamans cure all kinds of ailments with ayahuasca basically a DMT brew orally active with the help of caapi vine a MAOI.It's not the DMT that cures you it's the mind .Many times the patient doesn't even have to take the ayahuasca,only the shaman.Yet they still get cured.
QB ... that is very interesting to me ... is it using aya as a placebo? can you imagine the ritual involved? i would not mind that kind of treatment for my ills 😉 ...
Take one of those Tours into south America and have an Ayahuasca ritual of your own with a shaman.And others to be cured. They are very real I hear and plan on it myself when some things fall into place. here is one of them oops cant find, You can google it tho,Peace

Does anyone have any information regarding the effects of smoking dmt. I've been curious if smoking it for a long time could have any phyical effects. So far I've noticed none. Sometimes the day after I find it hard to breathe, depending on how much was smoked the night before.
:D :D I drink a LOT.

The nights that I smoke spice I feel beter the next day.

My mind is clear and not foggy from the booze.

This gift is the most scary thing ever to happen to me.

I LOVE it!

I want to try aya some day. When I have time to devote to another "project" LOL
Here's another little article on the link between DMT & health:

DMT, Ayahuasca and Your Health

As to dependency. DMT with Harmine, or Pinoline, has objectively been demonstrated to not wear out the brain, as non-essential external drugs do. But rather enhance the long term neural pathways of the brain, into better pathways. This is reflected in greater value production in the life of the experimenter.

Dr. Dennis McKenna (Terence's brother) with a team of specialists, has now conclusively shown by testing, (via cerebral spinal fluid, blood plasma, and psychological analysis), that Amazonian ayahuasca elixirs, (which are used as medicine with many reports in rejuvenation), actually increase the effectivity of serotonin pathways, rather than decrease them slightly, as Psychedelics do.

Linear I.Q. and long term memory increased. Those tested had been working in ayahuasca communities for 10 years, and participated in the elixir 1-3 times a week. Psychological analysis, showed:

a. they could handle stress far better than the comparison test group and general comparison data base;

b. had dropped addictive habits from their lives (alcohal, nicotine, cocaine),

c. were able to run a more integrative and effective business life, then before. Most in fact, rather than becoming "drop outs", became integratives, introducing values into society, at the practical business level - creating their own effective companies. There was also a greater sense of Group Mind, amongst the members of the community, hence better integration between all participants.

No negative physical side-affects were seen from these long term experimenters, and psychological health, as well as physical health, were optimal, with evidence of being enhanced.

As opposed to addictive drugs, or to psychedelics not produced by the brain, or being in the DNA synthesis library - taking exogenic Harmine, actually stimulates the pineal gland to produce more Pinoline for itself, increasing the other essential neurotransmitters recycling.

Furthermore, Harmine itself is a key to medicines in treating Parkinson's Disease, and now even a cure for malaria, and has been used in the Vinegar of the Four Thiefs, associated to the Eucharist of Christ, to treat the plague, via the Assyrian Rue.

It was also the holy plant of Mohammed, over which stood seven angels, and which he drank as the Espand, to speak the Koran. It is the red coloring in Persian Rugs, and hence lead to the concept of the flying carpets. There are also several case testimonies of cancer being cured with it.
aoxoa said:
QB ... that is very interesting to me ... is it using aya as a placebo? can you imagine the ritual involved?

i would not mind that kind of treatment for my ills 😉 ...

What is a placebo, then? Belief healing? Don't be quick to write a so-called placebo off; if it has the power to give someone hopeless the belief that they are healed it is useful medicine. That said, the shamans doing the healing may believe that the medicine can heal even when the patient does not partake because they (the shaman) themselves negotiate healing with the spirit world. This is not just with aya, shamans from diverse cultures have used plants (salvia, teonanacatl etc) to heal without the patient actually using any. This treatment usually depends on the ailment and the suspected cause.
There are various definitions for placebo, one is placebo as in afterglow of an experience, another is placebo drug, meaning you would take somthing that did not directly act on the illness, but thought you did, and even tho what you take dosn't do anything the thought that you did does, so its like mind over matter based on a mentalfixation and faith in matter.
Hi blacksheep, I was referring to your second conception of a placebo. What I was trying to get at was that often people use the term placebo in a negative way when trying to disprove medications or illegitimise experiences. When aoxoa asked whether aya is used as a placebo I wanted to suggest that we don't need to think of the so-called placebo effect as a way of being tricked into healing. Thanks for clarifying that "placebo" is used to mean quite different things.
DMT curing cluster headaches? Maybe... :), this DMT report really seemed
to help this guy out when one was coming on:

I had my first cluster headache when I was 15, I can still remember it clearly. Although I had only heard about migrane as some kind of nastyass headache I immideatly, almost instictivly, recognized it as such, strange as it may seem. The past few years things have really improved for me though, since I first tried mushrooms the attacks are fewer in numbers. I do however doubt that the change is to be accredited to the mushroom alone, the decrease in headache-attacks started even before I ever tried mushrooms. At present I don't really suffer from it, I get it about once every other month but the attacks are very painful and incapacitating, they usually last about 4-5h including a ~2h onset before the real headache.

I've tried alot of different things to treat the attacks as they occur, a large dose of strong Tylenols, smoking opium, weed etc. Smoking weed didn't really affect the condition in any direction, opium is quite alright actually but it rarely falls in my lap (and when it does I run out all too fast!). Then there is what I usually take, good old Tylenol /w 30mg codeine. I crush 4 pills and add to a glass of water and down quickly, it's no miracle cure but better than nothing.

This night however, the migrane would appear at a very bad time. The plan was set for me and my buddie to venture of into hyperspace, this was a well planned session. Before I even met up with him I could feel it, a mild headache, it just hadn't caught my attention yet. We walked back to my appartment where the smoking was to take place, we prepared the place with some candles and incense and so on but I was really starting to hesitate now. The headache grew worse by the minute and now I knew that alot more was to come. By coincidence I was also all out of Tylenols, what was supposed to be a nice evening was turning into a nightmare.

My typical symptoms when the headache really starts distinguising itself include a painful pressure behind the left eye which usually spreads up my forehead, vision becomes severly impaired but nausea is actually rare. Loud sounds and bright light usually triggers tremendous pain, thinking becomes difficult. I didn't really feel like riding it all out without anything to help me through it, so an idea popped up in my head. The DMT... that was something we had plenty of right now and right here. As I said I've had good experiences from mushrooms easing my headaches and I was also well aware how ergot was used in treatment of migrane. The structural similarities between all of these compounds are obvious to anyone when comparing them side by side. I carefully considered what the worst thing that might happen could be, this was not all too obvious as I was unsure if the headache would affect my trip in a negative way. I decided to go for it.

At this point I was in some pain, I had problems keeping my eyes open due to the fact that it hurt to look at things, sounds were slightly distorted and amplified. The pipe was loaded with 30mg and handed to me. I emptied the pipe in one huge breath and laied down on the couch. What happends next still baffles me, right before I enter hyperspace I feel something snap in my forehead and just like that my headache is gone! Not just dulled away by drugs but actually completely gone!! The experience itself was not affected by this at all (although I would still advice anyone attempting anything similar to use caution) and the headache didn't return when the experience ended. I'll definitely try this again when the circumstances are ok.
Funny to read this as it's one of the theories I came up with while doing my DMT research.

Migraine is serotonin related and DMT effects serotonin dramatically. I was already looking for someone with migraine and a lust for new frontiers to test this theory but this experience already seems to underwrite the theory.

Now we only need a few hundred more people as a test group to make it a scientific one. ;)
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