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dmt and memory loss....?

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ive had short term memory problems for a while now, nothing major though, thanks to smoking pot multiple times daily... but its gotten way way worse in the past month, since ive started using the spice.. for instance, last week alone i left the milk out on the counter before work twice, i got a cold beer out to drink and didnt pop it, found it the next day unopened on a bookshelf, and then lost almost a half ounce of buds :( stashed it and totally forgot where i'd put it.. could this be the dmt? ive smoked damn near 4 grams in a month, maybe this has something to do with it..
I would say that the DMT potentialize and enhance the effects of other substances. Also it gives that calm feeling so maybe 4 gr in a month ( :shock: duh !) + pot is enough to explain your small weakness. But THC stay in the body for days, not minutes like the DMT... I bet it's more the THC than the Dmt ;)
I dont find that DMT affects my memory after the experience is over at all... I do however find it frustrating how hard it is to remember what the fuck just happened to me in hyperspace. The trip is so short that i feel i should be able to remember what JUST happened to me. I actually feel that DMT makes me much more aware and alert for the hours after the trip that i am awake. Good luck with that memory loss thing, maybe try vitamins? Gingko Biloba and B6 are good for memory.
Drunky' ... ! Jeebus ! 4.0 grams ... ! let's hear some trip reports then ! I'd say you might want to throttle-back on all psychoactive substances, and get maximum sleep. Sleep restores everything including memory, and take your B-vitamins too. But I want to tell everyone - Try an MAOI to remember more of the experience ! I really want to reccommend that everyone try taking a Syrian Rue seed extract 40 - 60 min before launching ! ( Use2 - 3.5 g of seed extracted in 50 ml fresh lemon juice + 150ml H20 for 12 hours, and filter well). You can prepare this the day before, and just drink in juice - so easy and NO nausea! Drink this on an empty stomach - say six hours after last meal. The trip will last 40 - 60 minutes, with a longer peak (4 - 9 min). Less dmt is required ( ie 30 mg is plenty, doing what 50 mg used to do with no MAOI), and you'll be amazed at how memory gets to keep a few more pieces of the experience. I have frequently come back 'empty-handed', so I cherish anyone's trip reports. But the thrill from remembering is magnificent ! Like having a little picture-in-my-wallet, as you would of your kids or spouse, a snapshot of hyperspace and God's playground that you can whip out and get a rush from recollecting...
the last 5 times or so, same thing has happened to me.. no memory of it at all.. last week i ended up coming to, biting my pillow as my jaw chattered like crazy.. for about half a split second, as soon as i came to, there was a framed photograph of a blonde woman which flashed into my vision and left just as quick as could be.. then i am left to try to recount my trip and the last 5 times or so, its been hazy as fuck.. last night i had a good one... and i can remember little bits.. i had the sopranos going on my computer and thought to myself that watching the intro and tony driving through jersey and the song would be interesting after smoking a dose.. for me, this stuff fucks up music bad.. it skips sorta, never sounds right.. anyway, the intro ended, and the show started with tony on the kitchen floor, having just had a panic attack... what they did in the episode was actually rewind, with the backwards sound and everything, to go back to before tony had the panic attack and HOLY FUCK.. i had no idea it was actually the episode and i was shittin a brick.. thought it was my mind doin it.. so my reaction was to slap the laptop shut.. i hit my bed and laid there, cuz i was so fuckin scared at that point.. but what happened was all the sound stopped, and it was absolutley pitch black in my room which i have never done dmt in pitch black.. i think this may be the closest ive been to the "dome" as the whiteish energy on the top of my celing kinda made it look like a black dark dome.. i didnt think about this at the time, i thought i was fucking dead.. it was blackness that went on for miles and i thought oh jesus, this must be it.. its hard to explain how i felt, and why it made me feel that way.. the reason i dont have many trip reports is because usually its monotone shit.. only in the past week has this stuff been able to get me to such wierd places, and just in time too, now that i only have enough for one more dose :(
Oh God !.. well that's good reportin' too ! Dmt plus TV - don't mix ! Wish you had it on You Tube !... We can live and learn, if you feel like telling us, many of us (or all) want to know ... And next time you launch Drunky', do go with eyes closed in darkness ! After taking a break, you should test to see - you may have missed a whole bunch more weirdness ! You really ought to try it in darkness >! ..or with hardly any, very dim, indirect light. The closed eye visuals are stronger in pitch blackness - I have a lamp with a touch-sensitive switch in the base so I can 'flick' the light off with my finger as I put the bong down next to it - no fumbling for switches etc ... . I need darkness it seems, since each time I try during the day, it's not a complete launch and wonky... And speaking of that dark 'empty' dmt space, it's familiar to many of us I bet. It's like one room or level you can pop into - or when you get stuck between two levels. Or is it a dead-end - not enough HT-5 receptors..? I threw out a spoiled batch of dmt once (went brownish-black from yellow) since it only opened up 'dark' spaces and made half-assed launches happen. So it could still be bio-chemical - Take a break first of all. Then next time plan to drink 3.0 g Rue Seed extract first, then try it in the dark... ! I have been there when only one entity shows up to 'watch' over me, other times it's like a party going on. Then there are the visits when everyone is gone, they must be busy elsewhere, 'at a meeting' or it's the holidays for them. "Loneliness' on dmt (very egoish...) is sometimes intense ! Those are the dark trips we rarely talk about too, I bet ... So impossibly dark, ego is still being handled and veiled. It's a sleep space - empty storage for data yet unspoken. Sometimes it drips with silence, impossibly lonely and you will feel like dieing ! The feelings in there, make these the 'trips you'd wish upon no one' !... but you can let go (if you smoked enough and/or drank some rue-seed-extract), it will kick in or wear off. In the pitch-blackness there are dots of light, it can become like Indra's Net when you notice your 'solitude' is floating in a jeweled web of other 'unborn' souls. You can totally explore the 'dark' spaces, it seems. They will open up too, you're not stuck, or you'll come down .. don't panic ! If you 'stay there' in the dark, have a sitter mention the 'code' word you may have agreed on for reality checks...?! The dark needs to be explored too if you end up there, just 'light-up' something in your mind !.. Each one of us is like a star scortchingly huge, but a dot, so far away from you. And once familiar with the dark-sleepy space we may have seen ourselves 'from' - it makes me think, we're all of us somehow, bags of soul-itudes all sleeping - sleeping bags ! Almost all the time our biggest 'purpose' just sleeps away, our entire life time, 'waiting' to die ... so we can be born again. And then suddenly we 'wake' up...! pheww just a dmt dream !
i love the way you talk about dmt lol :p you make alotta good points, and the rue might be the variable i am missing.. heres that video that fuckin tripped me out to no end
i think it was the sound that really started fuckin with me.. but yer right, tv and dmt doesnt mix.. it was total sensory overload lol thanks for the advice kabong :)) im gonna save this little chunk of mine here until i can get ahold of some sort of maoi
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