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DMT and other mind altering substances reviewed

Migrated topic.


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I know I've mentioned some of this before but, I feel this thread is good for people
looking for straight to the point info.

I'm hoping you guys can stick strictly to short responses
dealing with you or SWIY experiences when mixing DMT with other drugs.

I think this would greatly help many newcomers..

My buddy just told me the following info..



Long story short, he was drunk, wanted to get 'fucked up' and DMT
turned him into a whiny school girl.
He could do nothing but pray he would return to his body from hell.

Another night, same deal as above, same results..

The second times, as I call them, he drank only a few.
Each time, he had a good experience (long story short.)
Retried, same results...

Lately, he again got drunk...
This resulted in an unusual sad experience...
He could achieve next to nothing off of about 40mg pure white :/.
He wound up depressed insanely for about 20m realizing he wasted
his only attempt that night.
DMT surely gave him this feeling though...

He's concluded 2-3 drinks is alright for the common drinker..
Maybe less for the rare drinker..



From multiple experiences, he concluded they always "fly by."
Though he's never had a negative experience, he feels that one is simply
wasting their DMT.



With or without an MAOI, this combo always freaks him out.
Even though he has MUCH experience with tropane alkaloids alone,
he finds the combination to be scary :) ...

I suppose this is all dependant on your mindset..



Nothing worth mentioning



He doesn't like the combination... It makes him have bad trips...
Then again, he rarely smokes weed so....
If you ever get paranoid after smoking weed, I don't suggest combining the two.



Where to begin?

Where to end?

He finds there's too much confusion to tell what the hell is happening.



Keep in mind that we're talking about mid range doses,
he's never had anything bad to say...

He finds the DMT takes control while it's in effect...

Results may vary though.



Very similiar to ephedrine...



No issues as of today.
He thinks the oxy keeps him calm..

I'm not sure bout the rest of you though...



He finds this to be the best..

Although he's only tried this combo oral,
each time he experienced a guided feeling....

A couple times he's even 'seen' someone reaching out their hand and
guiding him through the experience..

He hears more voices and experiences the LEAST havoc this route.



He doesn't like this too much..

If you want a strong oral dose, use this combination.
This is just his experience though.

More often than not, he 'wakes up' feeling like
he was pulled through hell..

He does want to point out though that many people have had
good experiences with rue and this could just be him..



Honestly, the most crisp, least confusing, most loving

Aside from with caapi, he never feels so good..

I don't mean to sound weird but, he sometimes feels like his whole
body is having an orgasm. This does happen more often with caapi
but, he finds 'sober and hitting freebase' to be second best.

I know this makes it sound like oral DMT with caapi may be the best but,
as someone once said about smoked, pure DMT... You'll never wanna go back
This, I agree with...


Mindwise, freebase usually makes swim feel better...
Bodywise, oral+caapi....

This is very conflicting lol..
The only question I leave in this post is oral+caapi vs pure freebase...


I don't want anyone to take my word completely to make any decision though.
SWIM is just one man and people react differently...

I'm just making this post because one of SWIM's most often asked questions is
a version of "can i take this with that?"
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