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DMT and Psilocybin

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So some time ago when I had my first soul surgery experience it was when combining a large dose of mushrooms with a couple vaped hits of dmt. Now everything I read about MAOIs which I haven't gotten to try with dmt yet are what extends and helps break down the experience. For some reason I don't find the experience extended with mushrooms per se but I do feel the threshold dose is significantly lowered allowing me to enter very deep mystical head spaces for long periods of time and I find it very good for dream recall therapy or writing late at night. For example when I smoke dmt by itself I will go up and come down and ill be able to drive a car within 30 mins but when combined with mushrooms I go up and comedown but the comedown for the mushrooms becomes altered. It turns into a much more different feel and experience for the rest of the comedown which the feeling lingers and sticks with me till I pretty much go to sleep. Then my dreams end up being very hyper realistic.

I don't know how to explain this "mystical space." But it's after the peak on the come down I start having my dreams flashing behind my eyes like visions. I start seeing very ethereal-esque looking landscapes just poking through the fabric of the back of my eyes.

It's a hard visual to explain but reminds me more of mirages in the desert projecting onto a screen on the tail of my optic nerve but I seem to only get this when on a good dose of mushrooms 3-5gs and then vape a little dmt after the peak or during the peak 10-15mg.

Does anyone else here have experiences with combining these 2? I still plan to give combining MAOIs a go but I really love this combo. I feel I am able to enter some very deep headspaces with this. I start making connections about ancient civilizations and ancient religions even down to the tumultuous physics of the cosmos intertwining with it all.
I'm looking forward to when you can either do Aya or Pharma or changa with mushrooms :twisted: since they all have the MAOI component.

I like to smoalk DMT or changa when I'm coming up on mushrooms or during the middle of the mushroom trip. DMT alone is never prolonged by the mushrooms, but it does give the rest of the mushroom journey a different flavor. One can change this flavor as much as they like by going back into a DMT experience while on mushrooms. In my experience, it doesn't matter how deep you go, the change takes place regardless.

My dreams tend to be more vivid and realistic with these combination, but also if I do these substances on their own.

These combinations are also great meditative tools.

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I don't know why I haven't thought to try smoalking on the come up 🤔 I'm definitely gonna give that a whirl next session.

I have been thinking about changa a lot lately. I think it's been calling out to me. I guess I just really know what blend of herbs I want to go with yet but I'll probably get that around the same time I grab some rue.

Very excited to try an MAOI augmented journey.
It's nice during the come-up because by the time you're back from the DMT space, the mushroom journey is usually in full swing. It can be a strategy to bypass the rush of the mushrooms.

I like mullein with passionflower and blue lotus the most, though right now I'm mainly smoalking a blend that is mullein, chaliponga, and blue lotus.

You can find already extracted harmalas. Though I understand if you want to extract them on your own.

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