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dmt and salvia

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Swim was just wondering what the two together would be like. seems it would be a crazy one!. maybe to much? swim wants to try it but is a little scared. has swiy ever tried it?
ya thats kinda what i figured being that salvia hits so fast and with dmt one needs to take more hits for a full effect.
No, I mean it the way Jorkest told you in the other thread ( do we really need two of them?). Salvia is said to overpower DMT ..because Salvia can control dmt, not because it's hard to smoke both at the same time (you can just sprinkle dmt on salvia extract...a voila)
sorry i know just after i posted it here i figured i might get more replys from posting it over there. but ya thats how i figured it would be smoked but when swim smokes salvia I can only take 2-3 hits before i just cant anymore(well ya i guess thats where the over powering part comes in) but dmt swim takes like 5-6 hits forthe full effect. but ya i think swim will just stick to the dmt. swim is not a fan of salvia anyways just kinda wondering what the trip is like.
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