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DMT Breakthrough While Dreaming

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Hey guys,

I have been a constant reader of the blog for the past 6 months and just now I decided to join the squad as a member to post this because something very curious happened to me this week.

I was sleeping and then had a dream I was about to smoke DMT through my bong. The incredible thing is that I did breakthrough dreaming!!! I woke up and enjoyed the rest of the experience in bed as it happened exactly like the times when I blast off.

I have smoked DMT + 50 times now, and had breakthroughs in about 10 different ocasions. Sometimes I don't want to have a breakthrough as I also enjoy smaller tokes to learn with the insights it brings, but this experience dreaming was absolutely incredible, I didn't have to smoke it, I dreamt and there I went, through all of it until I was in the DMT land. It was very lucid.

The best part is that it wasn't scary, I only had bad trips in the past with shrooms but never with DMT. DMT has always been an amazing experience to me even though I sweat and shake every time I grab the bong and the spice. The seconds before lighting it up have always been very tense.

Anyways, I just now decided to create this account and share this with you also to know who else here have already had this experience and what do you think of this.

Love and peace to your soul!
I too have experienced DMT in a dream, once. I was a regular consumer of oral DMT and Harmalas for 4 years and then occasionally for another year, and i've only ever had one dream in my entire life that was like this. In the dream me and two friends were walking down the street and as we walked towards this place down the street from my house i heard music and saw there was a concert or something going on, and then i saw a woman on a motorcycle driving down the road with an Ayahuasca sticker on the bike and i was like "music, Ayahuasca, i'm on Aya right now, i wanna dance!" lol, next thing i know i'm being blasted off into DMT land, it only lasted like maybe 30 to 45 seconds or so but it felt just like DMT except no intensity and i saw bright colors and lights and patterns and such which i usually don't get closed eyed visuals or anything like that from DMT, smoked/vaped or orally, and then i woke up and was like "holy shit! i just experienced DMT in a dream! AWESOME!" lol. Never happened before or since, so it was definitely a one of a kind, kind of dream.
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