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DMT causing LSD effects

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Hi. I am having a few problems with my latest batch. Two different batches actually. The first one is a really really light (weight) powder, much lighter than the last pull. It's an off yellow (good batch was darker yellow and much denser. I like the yellow over the white). Second bad batch came out like a light yellow clay, all clumped together. Smokes very easy but the effects are lacking big time).

I had some problems with both batches, getting the naptha to separate to be exact. I used a lot more lye than normal and got a lot of emulsion before I was able to get the naptha to separate. I even added salt to the mix and heated it up to get it to separate. Anyway, it's having a really bad LSD effect. No closed eye visuals, no break through, nothing close to a DMT trip. Just really bad tracers, walls breathing and very dark and gloomy. The last batch was euphoric, profound experiences, lots of colors, lights, beings, etc. etc.

I was wondering if I should do something to purify what I've got now. Anyone experienced anything like this? It feels almost as though the smoke is contaminated with lye or naphta or something that is causing this lsd type feeling. My twin flame saw a bunch of reptilians tonight and had a scary trip too. Last time we got a batch like this, we were doing a lazymans tek (I'm doing Nomans now) and some detergent accidentally got thrown into the mix because someone thought we were done with it. I scooped out the detergent because it stayed at the top but it made this terrible smoking spice that we threw away because of the same LSDish type trip. What do you suggest? Ammonia wash? something else? I've got about 3 grams and I'd hate to waste it all.

Thanks for your input.
Recrystalize at least once with heptane. Two or more times if you have the ambition. Heptane is sold under the brand name "Bestine". It's rubber cement thinner sold at art supply stores (if you are worried about internet purchases), or on line (much cheaper usually). Works awesome for rextalazation:d
Soap is a nasty substance. As I remember from my Organic Chemistry classes, it has two ends one polar and another non-polar. Thus it should dissolve in both polar and non-polar solvents. That's the basis for its action being able to link itself to fatty molecules (non-polar) and solute them in water (polar). When your spice was contaminated with some soap it might produce those bad results as soap will probably be dissolved in the non-polar solvent possibly bringing something polar attached...

However soap problems do not end with contamination. To produce soap the only thing one needs is fat and a strong base such as lye. In extraction attempts I heard about, sometimes nasty emulsions are caused by a saponification of the fat present in the substrate with the lye. This is a complex procedure and soap is not always produced.

Now, if you have a soapy batch, here's a suggestions. Perhaps others may further help: Dissolve your spice in acidic water. Add some salt to precipitate the soap and remove it. Your freebase should be converted to salt form thus it should be soluble in water but not in a polar solvent. Add thus a polar solvent so that the remaining soap will be dissolved in it. Use lots of it for this part. Finally, separate the acidic water with the spice, add lye to turn it into freebase again and extract with naphtha or whatever you have at hand.

Hope this helps!
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