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DMT Dropper (tincture)

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Hi everyone,

Ok, I've thought of this a long time ago but had no place to really ask about it until I registered here, which was fairly recently.
What I am wondering is if I can boil the minimum amount of harmalas necessary to inhibit the function of MAO so that the DMT is not destroyed in the gut, along with a very high amount of a DMT-containing plant, and create a nice strong solution which can be filled in small dropper bottles, and take drops of this DMT solution as a brain supplement of sorts?
In other words, boil maybe 4 grams of syrian rue seeds with like 100 grams of mimosa hostilis root bark, in acidic water, for a few hours, then strain, filter, and reduce, and finally fill small dropper bottles with this liquid, and take maybe a few drops every night?
Perhaps one could mix the drops with water and drink it, or better yet put a few drops on the tongue for a DMT supplement?
Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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